Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trash Rock Defined on the Interwebs

The following is copied from

trash rock

- 1 dictionary result

Main Entry:
trash rock
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a genre of rock music that is loud and unsophisticated
Etymology: from the music's garbage-like nature
Usage: music

And this is from

1. trash rock

Trashy, seedy, campy rock n' roll with an often androgynous, drunk/drugged out, and b-movie-obsessed disposition. Many trash rock bands are punks reviving the feel of the raunchiest '60s garage bands.

Hehe. And all this time I kinda thought we had invented a new genre...

I particularly enjoy the fact that the words "b-movie-obsessed" made it into the description on urbandictionary. That part doesn't fit us at all. It's not like we have a 40 minute rock opera devoted entirely to the subject of zombies or anything.

(That was sarcasm in case you didn't catch it. We totally do.)

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