Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death and Business Suits

I think I'm going to die.

It all started with the strange craving for a smoothie. I'm the proud owner of a Magic Bullet and usually I just make my own smoothies, but tonight I was out of yogurt and feeling lazy. I remembered the peach jet tea smoothies they make in the coffee shop on campus and drove over there.

I don't really frequent the campus coffee shop like I used to. I went there all the time my freshman year because it was close the drinks were cheap, but I soon realized that most of the baristas working there didn't know how to make coffee. It's hard to mess up blended drinks though, so I thought I'd go there tonight. But when I walked in, I found that the entire room was lit by candlelight and there was some sort of poetry reading/silent environment/seance going on. I really didn't stay long enough to know what it was. I left, still longing for a smoothie or some sort of fruity something. I passed a vending machine in the student union building on my way out and was seduced by the idea of lemonade.

So I fished a bunch of odd change out of my bag and bought lemonade out of a vending machine. And I went home and drank lemonade. Really bizarre, bad tasting lemonade. The more I drank, the weirder it tasted. I made it halfway through the bottle when the expiration date caught my eye: SEPT 01, 2009.

Today is April 15, 2010. That lemonade is over seven months old. I can see the words on the gravestone now:

Here lies Lauren. She drank bad lemonade. RIP.

Ah well. All I can do is continue to live my life and see what happens, right? :D

A few weeks ago I bought a business suit. I've never really been one to own a business suit, but figured if I wanted to look good at an interview I should add one to my closet. And isn't that what you're supposed to do after college - get a bunch of interviews for jobs that you're mildly interested in and hope you get the one that is the least offensive? That's what I thought I would do. That's what I thought I should do. That's why I bought a business suit (which looked pretty good on me, but that's besides the point).

Today, I returned that business suit. There may come a day when I need to own one, but it's not going to be for awhile.

It was quite liberating to get that suit off of my hands (no matter how good I looked in it).

Rock tour, here I come.

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