Monday, May 31, 2010

A Change In Direction

Lots of changes lately. Lots of long conversations, lots of thinking, lots of re-evaluating the practicality of everything.

Long story short, rock tour is not going to happen this summer.

We decided that since we don't have an album recorded yet, it would make the most sense to stay in town and spend some time in the studio. Several different factors played into this decision. I've never really been one to be practical, but I think it makes sense to stick around Portland for awhile. Hopefully we can play some shows around town and get a full album up for sale online by the end of the summer. Then, Original Sound Trash can be more than just a live music experience.

Of course, I'm not going to ditch this blog. I'll probably change the title of it and the focus will broaden up a bit, but the blog is here to stay!

That's all for now. I'm about to fall asleep over here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Things I Do For Money These Days...

My phone rang at 6am yesterday morning. I rolled over and answered it against my better judgment. "Would you like to work today?" the voice on the other end said. "Yes," I mumbled. I knew that if I asked what type of job it was today I would probably say "no" when I heard the answer. I need the money, so I'm trying to say "yes" before I know what I'm saying "yes" to.

Turns out that I said "yes" to middle school special ed.

And it wasn't just any middle school. It was my old middle school.

Within a half an hour of arriving, there's a mentally handicapped child telling me he wants to pet the rabbits. My life is a sitcom, I swear. Not only that, but the writers are becoming more cultured and are tossing in the occasional literary reference. It's incredible.

My job was to hang out with this autistic kid who's favorite word was "NO!" He wouldn't stop itching his crotch and eventually he had to be sent home. I was then ordered to hang out in an 8th grade science class and help with a specific list of really low/mentally handicapped kids. They had to do some poster project about evolution. Rulers and magic markers were flying everywhere. It was hell.

Two kids in the back of the class were especially awful. They had just discovered "your mom" jokes and spent the entire class yelling really dumb things that I don't feel like repeating. Finally I told them to knock it off. "You're being inappropriate," I say, attempting to sound authoritative. "You need to be talking about science."

And before I can internally giggle over the fact that I, the girl who can't say the word "penis" without laughing, just told someone they were being inappropriate, one of the kids flips me the bird.

The life of a musician isn't always glamorous.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When Life Gives You A Folk Concert, Pull Out Your Keytar And Shred

The show on Sunday night was brilliant.

I was so nervous. It was our first performance since August. I did not realize this until we were at the venue, but somehow, we got booked alongside several folk artists. We are not even remotely related to folk music. Ryan's got a Marshall amp that's as big as Rhode Island and I play the freaking keytar. So naturally, that made the experience even more nerve-wracking.

It turned out to be alright though. A lot of people came out to support us. I love seeing people I know at the shows (although often times it makes me even more nervous). When the fourth folk ensemble ended and it was our time to play, I muttered the words, "And now for something completely different" into the microphone. The rest is history. We did our thing and, strangely enough, people were really into it.

I had almost let myself forget how much I absolutely love performing. That's what happens when you go on hiatus for eight months, I guess. There's really nothing as crazy and wonderful as being onstage. It's hard to explain. I know it might sound cliche, but when I'm up there, shredding on my keytar and sharing my music with a receptive audience, I feel like this is what I was meant to do. And though I spent half the show feeling like I was potentially going to pee my pants, it also felt totally natural for me to be up there next to Ryan, belting out song lyrics about icebergs and the apocalypse and hearing the crowd cheer.

Anyway, the show was a blast. And the keytar was a hit! We finished the set, loaded our stuff off the stage, and were immediately approached by the guy who organized the show.

"Hey, wow, you guys were great, I like it!" he says. "It was weird, something different, but cool."

"Thanks!" we reply enthusiastly, still high off the music and adreneline rush.

"So uh...I was back there talking to the bartenders and uh...we realized that no one carded you. You ARE at least 21, right???"

Ryan and I look at each other. We're well aware that we both look as young as 17 at times (not to mention our music often appeals to a younger, rowdier crowd), but we just got done providing everyone in the venue (and probably some people on the street) with quality trash rock. Was he really going to card us?

"We're 22!" I proclaim. He looks at us skeptically, then hands us our earnings for the night.

We pocket the money and go outside to load our equipment into my mother's SUV (I have to borrow it whenever we have a show considering it's the only vehicle that will fit all of our stuff - nothing says ROCK AND ROLL like a Honda CRV!). Then we go back inside to listen to last band. We're greeted like minor celebrities.

"I love that keytar work!"
"What was your band's name? Original Sound Track?"
"How long have you guys played together? That was great!"
"Way to shred that keytar!"
"Come do a show for us in Washington!"

Eventually we left the venue and found a pub a few blocks away. Ryan and Steve both had to get up really early for work the next day, but we could not deny our need to celebrate Original Sound Trash's return to the stage.

There's the after party crowd in all of it's fuzzy phone picture glory. Steve the Cute Camera Operator (yes, the show was recorded - expect video posts later), Post-Rock-Show Lauren (fortunately the fuzziness of this picture hides the melty eyeliner), Felix (the man, not the cat), and Post-Rock-Show Ryan (reminding you that Pluto is not a planet anymore). Great way to end the night.

Original Sound Trash is baaaaaaack. :D

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday was a like a bad episode of the Twilight zone. It feels like all my friends have suddenly gone from being fairly irresponsible college goofballs to full-fledged adults. People are getting married. People are getting full time jobs and trading in their raggedy t-shirts for office attire. 9:30 PM used to be when the night started. Now it's when everybody goes to bed.

I'm probably stuck in a state of prolonged adolescence or something, but I have no desire to grow up. Not yet. Not ever, really.

Ryan used to compare himself to Peter Pan, saying he would never grow up. I used to make fun of him, but now I seem to be the one romping around in the metaphorical green unitard, refusing to truly conform to any lifestyle to requires me to be anywhere before noon.

Right now, my life is perfect. I have a lame job that is basically optional and tons of time to do all the things I want to do. I've got a musical advice column that's taking the Internet by storm. I'm writing a rock musical. I'm excavating my old journals from their hiding spots with the hopes of getting some sort of high school memoirs together. I've got a show with Original Sound Trash in a couple of days and am gearing up for rock tour (an event that seems to be ever-evolving). Life is fantastic!

Except for the part about living with my parents and not actually getting paid to do any of the things I just listed...

Transition times are so awkward.

Even Peter Pan has to get old. I think that is the most depressing picture I have seen in a long time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Da Boss!

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

When my phone rang at 6am this morning, I muted it. Like a boss.

I felt bad afterwards. That is, after I woke up four hours later. But then I thought about poopy children and grumpy high school librarians and all the things I need to do to get ready for the show on Sunday. And then I didn't feel so bad.

So here I am, eating pizza and updating my blog in my pajamas. Like a boss.

I'm gonna go run through the set for Sunday a couple of times (also like a boss). Then, if I'm feeling ambitious, I may start fumbling through my closet in search of the perfect thing to wear at the show. I'm famous for always having some sort of wardrobe crisis the day of the show ("Where are my *insert profanity of choice* fishnet stockings?! And I can't wear these shoes with this outfit!!! Will somebody hand me my mothaflippin eyeliner?!"). Maybe this time I can avoid the part where everyone is afraid of me before the show by picking out my outfit now.

And right now, I don't know what to wear. Anyone got any fabulous suggestions?
(I'm being a total girl right now, but I also watch zombie films and play the keytar, so I think it cancels out.)

Mildly Freaked Out

I shouldn't be awake right now. My phone might ring at 6am, and if it does, I should answer it and go tackle whatever subbing job is thrown at me. I need the money. It will enhance the quality of my rock tour experience. Also, I can't live at my parents house forever. Money is a good thing to be acquiring right now.

But I'm watching all my friends get sucked into the relentless world of work and I have no desire to join them.

Ryan is in that world now. I can tell he doesn't enjoy that much, especially on the days where I strut into his garage wearing his girl pants and talk about how I spent the whole day writing blogs and eating nachos. But he's making more money than I will make for awhile, so I guess it's good for him.

Since I've had a lot of free time lately, I've started up a new blog - a musical advice column of sorts. It's an idea I've had bouncing around my brain for several months but have never had the time to put into starting it up. You can check it out here. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. Weirdly enough, it's been getting tons of hits.

In other news, the infamous Someday Lounge show is in four days. I'm honestly nervous. Our ticket sales aren't what they need to be yet. I'm also feeling like we need to practice more. I'm even skipping out on the Amanda Palmer show to work on perfecting our sound. It's lame, but the great AFP will come through town again. If I sound awful on Sunday, I won't forgive myself easily.

I should end this post and go to bed before I completely descend into the land of neurosis.

Ack. We need sell 10 more tickets. Or something like that.

Being onstage at a rock show is one of my favourite things ever, but it always stresses me out. I need to get a grip on that if I'm really going to do this for a living. Or at least for a summer. I have no idea what I'm doing for a living. Maybe I'll come live under your bed and write musical advice for you whenever you're having a bad day? I'll be like a little leprechan, but not very little and a lot less Irish.

Okay. Must be bed time.

Peace and trash rock, amigos.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kids That Can't Read Good

"Hey...those are my pants," Ryan says to me, strumming the final chord of a song. I laugh. I've been smirking the whole time, wondering how long it would take him to notice. We made it halfway through the set before he recognized them.
Maybe someday I will give them back. But they are comfortable.

We've got a show in exactly a week. I'm honestly nervous about it. It's our first time performing since August (unless you count the time we popped out of a closet and sang a love song in Klingon on Valentines Day...don't ask...) and we're still a little rusty. We're also struggling with ticket sales a little. But there's still a week left. We'll get there.

I've started subbing as an educational assistant to earn a little extra money. My goal is to make enough to pay for my half of the gas on tour. The work isn't bad except for the fact that it requires me to get out of bed before noon and work with children. After just one day of subbing at a grade school, I remembered that I don't even really like children.

Me: "Hi kids, I'm Miss Lauren. You are the group of semi-retarded children that can't read and I am here to help you."
Semi-Retarded Child: "Hello, Mr. Ding-Dong."
Me: "That's not my name."
Chorus of Semi-Retarded Children: "Mr. Ding-Dong!"
Me: "Uh...Mister? Do I look like a man?"
Especially Special Asian/Arabic Boy: "Yeah!"

The things I do for rock and roll.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Working World and Keytar Names

I got fingerprinted for a job yesterday. I don't necessarily want to work, but I need the money. I'm going to be an educational assistant sub at various grade schools for the remainder of the academic year. It's an unlikely job for me but I can do anything for a month. I won't be working everyday, but there is the possibility that my phone can ring at 6am on any given weekday.

Yeah, it's going to be interesting. You know how much I love mornings. And children. (note the intended sarcasm)

Will get good stories out of it at least.

In other, much more exciting news, my keytar has arrived! I picked it up from a quirky British man at guitar center on Thursday and have been shredding away on it over since.

Better pictures to come, but there I am with my new child. It is a thing of beauty.

I haven't really come up with a name for him yet. A friend dubbed it "The Unicorn" a couple of nights ago and it's kinda stuck. Saying that you're going to go home to play The Unicorn is a bit awkward though. I am totally open to other options.

So help me out, world. What should I name my wonderful new keytar? :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneak Peek

The following is a preview of the band pictures our friend Mike took for us yesterday:

Yeah. Mike has pro photography skillz.

Also, are we not too sexy for the car wash? These pictures finally make us look like a real band!

{Brief history lesson}
This is what band pictures have looked like up until this moment in time:

Do-it-yourself Myspace-inspired photography, anyone?

I am excited about the new pics. Original Sound Trash just got a little less trashy. :)

Captain Emo Pants Reporting for Duty

Is it normal for bandmates to share clothing? I am wearing a pair of Ryan's pants right now (girl jeans, actually) and I think they look quite good on me (despite a couple of unfortunate rips and stains). We were taking band photographs this afternoon and I was having a mild wardrobe crisis. Ryan's girl jeans to the rescue. They were comfortable and kind of sexy, so I kept them on to go to a party after the photoshoot.

In other news, I was reminded once again tonight that music is the one thing that will always be there for me (other than Ryan's incredible fashion sense, of course). I don't know what is wrong with people sometimes. But pianos are sure easier to deal with.

Allow me to just sit here in my male bandmate's girl pants and act all emo. Rawr.

Rock tour blasts off on June 25th. Mark your calenders, boys and girls.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Significant Things

I am sorry I have been so absent from this blog for the past week.
So much has been happening. I am exhausted, so this is not going to be a very elaborate post.
Will write a longer post later I am sure, but I just wanted to jump on here and let everyone know a couple of things:

1. As of yesterday, I am officially a college graduate.

There I am wearing my Lady Gaga shades and losing my cap in front of a gym full of people. I'm classy like that.

More importantly, I'm done with formal education FOREVER. It feels incredibly good to be able to say that.

2. Yesterday, I received the coolest graduation present of all time: a keytar! No joke. I don't actually have it in my hands yet. I was given the case and told that the thing inside the case would be there soon. Confused, I opened the case and immediately saw that the inside was shaped to hold a keytar. I couldn't believe it. It's on order from Kansas (apparently keytars are hard to find these days) and will be here on Friday. I am beyond excited. I was out with some friends last night and I think they were probably sick of hearing about it by the end of the evening.

Lauren: "Hey, guess what? I'm picking up my keytar on Friday!"
Friends: "Yeah Lauren, you told us."
Lauren: "Keytar keytar keytar!"
Friends: "Um, brb, need more rum and coke..."
Lauren: "Keytar!"

Okay so I'm exaggerating, but I am really excited about it.

...Keytar! :)