Sunday, May 9, 2010

Captain Emo Pants Reporting for Duty

Is it normal for bandmates to share clothing? I am wearing a pair of Ryan's pants right now (girl jeans, actually) and I think they look quite good on me (despite a couple of unfortunate rips and stains). We were taking band photographs this afternoon and I was having a mild wardrobe crisis. Ryan's girl jeans to the rescue. They were comfortable and kind of sexy, so I kept them on to go to a party after the photoshoot.

In other news, I was reminded once again tonight that music is the one thing that will always be there for me (other than Ryan's incredible fashion sense, of course). I don't know what is wrong with people sometimes. But pianos are sure easier to deal with.

Allow me to just sit here in my male bandmate's girl pants and act all emo. Rawr.

Rock tour blasts off on June 25th. Mark your calenders, boys and girls.


  1. I've always wanted to wear boy jeans. Unfortunately, I don't wear jeans. period. congratulations on graduating from college :) - it's an achievement!

  2. Thanks :)

    And, I think girls can get away with wearing boy jeans easier than guys can get away with wearing girl jeans. Also, I don't think I could live without wearing jeans. Kudos to you for going against the norm.


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