Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Significant Things

I am sorry I have been so absent from this blog for the past week.
So much has been happening. I am exhausted, so this is not going to be a very elaborate post.
Will write a longer post later I am sure, but I just wanted to jump on here and let everyone know a couple of things:

1. As of yesterday, I am officially a college graduate.

There I am wearing my Lady Gaga shades and losing my cap in front of a gym full of people. I'm classy like that.

More importantly, I'm done with formal education FOREVER. It feels incredibly good to be able to say that.

2. Yesterday, I received the coolest graduation present of all time: a keytar! No joke. I don't actually have it in my hands yet. I was given the case and told that the thing inside the case would be there soon. Confused, I opened the case and immediately saw that the inside was shaped to hold a keytar. I couldn't believe it. It's on order from Kansas (apparently keytars are hard to find these days) and will be here on Friday. I am beyond excited. I was out with some friends last night and I think they were probably sick of hearing about it by the end of the evening.

Lauren: "Hey, guess what? I'm picking up my keytar on Friday!"
Friends: "Yeah Lauren, you told us."
Lauren: "Keytar keytar keytar!"
Friends: "Um, brb, need more rum and coke..."
Lauren: "Keytar!"

Okay so I'm exaggerating, but I am really excited about it.

...Keytar! :)

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