Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mildly Freaked Out

I shouldn't be awake right now. My phone might ring at 6am, and if it does, I should answer it and go tackle whatever subbing job is thrown at me. I need the money. It will enhance the quality of my rock tour experience. Also, I can't live at my parents house forever. Money is a good thing to be acquiring right now.

But I'm watching all my friends get sucked into the relentless world of work and I have no desire to join them.

Ryan is in that world now. I can tell he doesn't enjoy that much, especially on the days where I strut into his garage wearing his girl pants and talk about how I spent the whole day writing blogs and eating nachos. But he's making more money than I will make for awhile, so I guess it's good for him.

Since I've had a lot of free time lately, I've started up a new blog - a musical advice column of sorts. It's an idea I've had bouncing around my brain for several months but have never had the time to put into starting it up. You can check it out here. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. Weirdly enough, it's been getting tons of hits.

In other news, the infamous Someday Lounge show is in four days. I'm honestly nervous. Our ticket sales aren't what they need to be yet. I'm also feeling like we need to practice more. I'm even skipping out on the Amanda Palmer show to work on perfecting our sound. It's lame, but the great AFP will come through town again. If I sound awful on Sunday, I won't forgive myself easily.

I should end this post and go to bed before I completely descend into the land of neurosis.

Ack. We need sell 10 more tickets. Or something like that.

Being onstage at a rock show is one of my favourite things ever, but it always stresses me out. I need to get a grip on that if I'm really going to do this for a living. Or at least for a summer. I have no idea what I'm doing for a living. Maybe I'll come live under your bed and write musical advice for you whenever you're having a bad day? I'll be like a little leprechan, but not very little and a lot less Irish.

Okay. Must be bed time.

Peace and trash rock, amigos.


  1. If I lived...wherever it is that you live...I would buy a ticket for sure!

  2. :) aw thanks Allison
    i live in Portland, Oregon. i don't think that's near you :-/

  3. Yeah - I live in Southeastern Canada. Good luck though!

  4. You can totally come live under my bed and write musical advice for me when I'm having a bad day, and I mean that in the most supportive and least creepy way possible.


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