Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneak Peek

The following is a preview of the band pictures our friend Mike took for us yesterday:

Yeah. Mike has pro photography skillz.

Also, are we not too sexy for the car wash? These pictures finally make us look like a real band!

{Brief history lesson}
This is what band pictures have looked like up until this moment in time:

Do-it-yourself Myspace-inspired photography, anyone?

I am excited about the new pics. Original Sound Trash just got a little less trashy. :)


  1. Very nice - best of luck to your band.

  2. Awesome pics! Is ryans hair short and dark?
    It has been to long. Sigh..
    And where do I find the tour dates?

  3. Yeah, he cut it so he could get a job.
    Tour dates are still in the works. We will post them up here once they are official :)

    Got suggestions of places we should hit?

  4. So many pictures of Ryan :)


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