Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe we should just get a double decker bus and be The Partridge Family...

Today I woke up and realized that this whole thing is way too irresponsible. I am going to call Ryan right now and tell him I'm out. I'm going to get a job doing monotonous secretarial work and live in my parent's basement for awhile.

And yes, it's April Fools Day. That whole paragraph was a joke. Fooled you! (Though I doubt anyone believed a word of that).

Truth is, the more I think about this, the more I am totally set on doing it. It's getting harder and harder to concentrate on school with this exciting idea rolling around in my head.

There's still a lot we need to figure out. We don't even really know what vehicle we're taking yet. We've got a ton of equipment that will be going with us, which makes this part difficult. It's almost like we need a sketchy creeper van to ride around the country in. That way Ryan's gigantic Marshall amp can have it's own seat. Meanwhile, my keyboard could take up a whole row of seats and we'd still have room for our luggage, our cooler full of tuna fish sandwiches, and our dwarf-sized model of Stonehenge.

(Sorry, for some reason it's impossible not to make constant references to "This is Spinal Tap" when talking about a rock tour.)

I'm not really sure how we would come up with said sketchy creeper van though. So far, our transportation choices are as follows:

- My little blue truck. It's got a secure bed that could fit a ton of our stuff, but if three of us end up going, the cab will get cramped really fast. There's also the option of putting some sort of camper-type cover over the back so we could occasionally sleep back there. But again, if there's three of us, one person would have to draw the short straw and sleep in the cab, and no matter how you rolled the dice it would potentially be weird. Not to mention we'd probably all be sleeping on top of our equipment crap.

- My mother's SUV. She offered to let me borrow it for a couple of months. Probably guzzles gas, but might almost fit everything. Plus, nothing says rock and roll like a Honda CRV!

- Ryan's car. It's little and white (kinda like Ryan!). It gets good gas mileage and will blend in well when we drive through California. Not sure where all the equipment will fit. Especially the gigantic Marshall amp.

That thing is a beast! Just look at the picture - it's going to eat me!

*Sigh* We may need to downsize. Or go acoustic. Being electric is more fun though.

And if there's room in whatever vehicle we end up taking, I just might bring my accordion along.

I need to practice it a lot, but it's a cool addition to our sound that may make us a little more memorable. So the jury's still out on the accordion.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll come up with the right transportation method, it's just a matter of being creative. If you have any ideas, please share them with us! :)


  1. Ryan is cute. (I am a girl, by the way) Is there anywhere online I can listen to your music? I really want to hear it. Oh, and I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome. That is all.


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