Friday, April 2, 2010

Coffee coffee coffee

Good morning world. It's a new day! And it's coffee time for Lauren.

Really, I have to have coffee first thing in the morning, every morning. If coffee is not introduced into my system upon waking, I will get a nasty headache that's impossible to shake. I've been thinking about how this will work on the road. Here are all the solutions I can think of to this dilemma:

- Plan to buy coffee somewhere every morning/cross my fingers that the people we stay with along the way will have coffee available in the morning

- Take my little coffee pot on the road. If we end up getting our hands on a sketchy creeper van, it can have it's own seat.

- Live off of instant coffee for two months (this thought makes me gag a little).

- Kick the coffee addiction entirely. This would be hell. But if I started once I moved back to my parents house, it wouldn't interfere with school, and I would be mostly recovered by the time we hit the road.

None of the options are really that attractive.

Is it bad that I'm leaning towards just taking my coffee pot with me?

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