Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cell Phone Angst

I hate text messaging. Words never sound the way I intend for them to sound when I send them via texting. It is a soulless form of communication.

But phone conversations are bad too. Especially the kind where the other party is mad at you and you are barely able to articulate what's going through your head. I think I will be okay if I never have to have another phone argument ever again.

If I could live without a cell phone, I would. Unfortunately, if you do not have a cell phone in today's society you are considered to be a nonperson.

There's a part of me that wants to "forget" to take my phone with me this summer though. Fear not, I'm not that stupid. But going without a cell phone would be really liberating. It's an obnoxious piece of technology that's always attached to me, buzzing and beeping and blasting 80s-themed ringtones. I love it because I can contact anyone from any point in the universe. But I also hate it. Because no matter where I am, anyone and everyone can contact me.

I am angsty today. Don't mind me.

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