Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maps, Street Teams, Yentas, etc.

Last night, I removed the giant "School House Rock" poster from my wall and put up a map in the United States in it's place. I then spent a significant amount of time decorating it with colorful stickies. Each sticky is labeled with the name of someone we know (or kinda know) that lives somewhere in the United States.

So the middle of the country is lacking stickies, but we'll fix that with

(And for the record, not all of the stickies are totally legitimate. I did this late at night when writing "AMANDA PALMER" all over Boston made sense and slapping the name "Edward Cullen" on Forks, Washington was hysterical.)

As we get an idea of what venues we want to play, we'll add them to the map too.

In other news, Ryan came over tonight for some quality trash rock time. Any band can have practice, but only Original Sound Trash can have trash rock time! Trash rock time is generally a very magical part of the week. Tonight was no exception. We explored new music. We explored the contents of the infamous Trash Rock Box. We quoted obscure movies and internet memes. Ryan acted like my psychiatrist. I acted like Ryan's yenta. And then we made this video:

Watch it to learn how YOU can be a part of our street team!

If you are interested in promoting us in your town, let me know!

And if you are interested in dating Ryan, please notify me of this as well. After all, I am his yenta.


  1. Just out of curiosity, how old is Ryan? Are you guys playing in Seattle? That's a dumb question, I mean it's Seattle, so you must be, right? I would definitely offer you a place to crash if I didn't live in a dorm, but if you aren't opposed to sleeping on the floor, let me know. Just for the record, I'm not crushing on Ryan...yet. I mean he's cute and funny and plays the guitar. Okay, if he hacky sacks, then I'm sold.


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