Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Drummer Has No Soul But It's Still Rock And Roll!

It's been approximately one week since Ryan and I gave birth to this crazy idea of taking our music on the road. And though it's only been one week, we already have several options of places we can stay throughout the trip as well as the possibility of a show on the east coast. Everyone I've talked to in the past week has been extremely supportive of this whole rock tour idea, which blows my mind a little bit. Steve keeps telling me that it only makes sense for me to go on a cross country rock tour and that the fact everyone is being so supportive just proves that this is meant to happen. I hope he's right.

In other news, my band mate is apparently Bob the freaking Builder. Last week he was talking about making a drum machine for our shows this summer. I had no idea that meant he would be updating his blog with pictures of the finished product on Monday. You can check it out here.

Who needs a real person when you have a drum machine? :D

(Related question: Why do I need one mariachi when I can have a whole band? :) The first person who can name what movie that's from gets a gold star.)

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