Friday, April 16, 2010

Can't Sleep. Clowns Will Eat Me.

I should be asleep right now but sleep is overrated.
I was dancing around my kitchen eating Cheez-Its a little bit ago. I need to stop having so much energy in the middle of the night.
Ryan and I now have a show booked for May 23rd. It's at the Someday Lounge in Portland and I am completely stoked. It's been way too long since we've done any live performances.
If you want to buy tickets to the show, let me know. They are on sale in advance for $8. I would really love to see YOU there.
Of course, if you live in a completely part of the country and cannot make it to the Portland show, fear not. We might be coming to your town this summer.
The official route is still in the works. Bits and pieces of it are coming together. Tonight, Ryan informed me that all systems are go for Las Vegas. We're gonna stay with his old roommate (we're couchsurfing as much as possible) and hopefully play a few shows down there. Not exactly sure where we're headed to after that, but eventually we'll be on the east coast. I'm trying to surf around the Internet and figure out what cities would be good for us. Someone told me there is a big indie music scene in Michigan. Random.
Do you guys know any great places we should investigate?
Would love your input. :)

And now, I shall sleep. Maybe. Yes.

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  1. Somehow I managed to read that first sentence as, "I should be dancing right now but sleep is overrated."


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