Saturday, April 17, 2010

So Ready To Blow This Popcorn Stand Foreva, Foo

A few days ago, I joined a cool site called 20 Something Bloggers. Yesterday I was cruising around the forums and found myself in a group devoted to indie music. Someone on the forum had posted that they were about to graduate from college and travel the country with their band for a couple of months. Whoa, that's exactly what Ryan and I are doing, I thought to myself. That's so cool that someone else is doing that too. Then I looked at the post again and realized that Ryan wrote it. He got a 20SB account when I wasn't looking. It's a small Internet after all.

Ryan put a new post on his blog last night that terrified me for a minute until I read the whole thing. Then it made me grin. I called him and we spent a good hour babbling on about all things rock tour related. The conversation ended with us proclaiming that this summer will be completely "ROCK-EFFING-TASTIC!" I got off the phone and stared at my map for a bit before I fell asleep.

I am so bored with my life right now. I do not allow myself to get bored very often, but right now I feel like I'm stuck in a bunch of ruts. It's not that my life is bad right now, it's just that I'm ready to do something entirely different.

Some people get really depressed over the whole graduation thing. They feel like their life is ending or something. I don't get it. I feel like my life is just beginning. If my life was a film, everything that has happened up until this point could be covered through a expositional dialogue (or perhaps a montage) in the first 15 pages or so of the script. I haven't even fully broken into Act Two yet. I've still got the whole movie ahead of me.

(Hi, I'm a scriptwriting nerd. Can you tell? :D)

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do today. Last time I checked, it was sunny out. I think I'll put on my springtime bohemian attire, go for a long drive, end up in a place where no one knows my name, and write for hours while drinking over-priced coffee.


  1. Resists the temptation to leave you for Ryan's blog.

  2. Left but returned promptly. Hoping I didn't scare Ryan.


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