Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blinding You With SCIENCE!

I have physics lab in a little bit. I have absolutely no desire to go but I need to pass physics. It's an easy gen ed class, but I'm having the hardest time caring. All I really want to do right now is be a rock star. And last time I checked, rock stars don't take physics.

Not sure if rock stars run around in goggles making soap in their front yards either, which is what Ryan and I did over spring break. I really wasn't kidding when I mentioned Original Sound Trash-themed soap in that video a couple of posts back. Hey, every band needs their trademark.

I think we were high off of the fumes at this point. Don't play with lye, kiddos. It's nasty stuff.

Our first batch of soap is still curing on my windowsill. It was an experimental batch. We even tried scenting it with some tea we don't like. If it turns out okay, we may have Amish Housewife Day Part Two and mass produce OST soap to sell at shows alongside shirts and buttons.

Hi, we're eccentric. :D

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