Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Hi, It's Just Me Again...

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

I ended my last post with a "To Be Continued" and then neglected the blogosphere for a week.

I think I was merely going to tell you a story about the day I kept getting unexpected visits from random people.

There's a college kid from the second floor who's a poetic genius. He had come to remind me to go to the writer's group that we're both part of. I wasn't really feeling awake enough to partake in any sort of intelligent writer's critique, but I pulled a hat over my messy hair, grabbed my laptop, and went down the hall to meet the group. I worked up the nerve to read a short script, listened to Lego Guy go on about how I'm "just not that funny," then went back to my room to take a shower.

Another knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I yell, emerging from the shower. There's a cartoonish noise from the other side of the door. I throw on some clothes and go to see who it is. I see that someone slipped a note under the door.


Except it said Tweaked Out Elvis Costello's real name, of course. He's not really aware of the fact that he has that cute nickname on the Internet...

Anyway, I opened the door to find him scuttling down the hall. He informs me that he's making waffles in the restaurant downstairs and that I should come eat one.

I'm not one to pass up waffles, so I wandered downstairs and promptly ran into the guy that owns the restaurant. He asked me to play a set this Friday. I said "yes." BAM. Got myself a gig.

A gig that is sneaking up on me. Tomorrow is Friday.

And yesterday, I found out that I'm no longer the opener...I'm one of the headliners. So that intensified my pre-show freak-out a bit.

I called Ryan and he's going to come do a few songs with me I think. We'll see how that goes.

Sometimes, I don't know why I insist on performing. The anxiety that happens in the 48 hour period before I get onstage is ridiculous. You better believe I'm a little ball of nerves right now.

Anyway, it's time to rock and roll, kids. Over and out.

(More coherent post to come later, I promise.)

And remember - you are not hardcore unless you live hardcore!


  1. Don't be nervous, you're gonna rock the socks off everyone! I get that same jittery feeling before I host a party, so I totally understand. Just try to relax and eat some crackers :)

  2. I'm so glad it wasn't a crazy ax murderer! You will do fantastic, you always do. You might be nervous at first, but soon as you turn into Rockstar Lauren, nothing will matter except your music. Someday I am going to come to one of your gigs. Then, when you become famous, I can tell everyone how I liked you before you were famous.

  3. Oh Tweeked Out Elvis Costello (I love that "young" has been replaced by "tweeked out").

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. The note from Elvis Costello is wonderful. I really want waffles now; but it's snowing outside and well, I'm just not that dedicated.

    Good luck at the gig tonight! :)

  5. Good luck! I'll turn the telly off and listen closely to see if I can hear you rocking the restaurant, as I'm sure you will.

    And I think you're funny. I had to look Lego Guy up in the post in which they were given names. I remember now.

  6. Your life is so awesome and glamourous. I envy you.


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