Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas Forever

I'm feverishly working on Goat Man again today, but I feel the need to take a short break and write this post.

I don't think I've ever written about the guy that lives across the hall from me. I don't see him very often - he's quite elusive and stays in his room a lot. He keeps weird hours and isn't always very social. He's thirty-something, has big black glasses, and spends his time writing Hollywood crime novels and drawing wonderfully twisted comics. He greets me enthusiastically whenever he sees me (elaborate hand gestures are usually involved). Sometimes when I'm have band practice in my room, he'll yell ridiculous praises down the hall (usually something along the lines of "YEAH! ROCK AND ROLLLLL!!!" or "YOU GUYS ARE F#$%ING OUTRAGEOUS!!!").

Anyway, for the past week and a half, he's been wishing everyone a Merry Christmas repeatedly. Sometimes, it will be in a weird, Tiny Tim-esque voice. Sometimes, it will be in a jolly, Santa-style fashion. Sometimes it will just be a "I can't get enough of Christmas! Merry Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS FOREVER!"

I think "Merry Christmas Forever" is my new favorite catch phrase.

In other news, I recorded some demo tracks for Goat Man today. It's been a weird day. I've been going back and forth between being totally excited and confident about the project to feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the darn thing. Also, the feeling that I'm just plain crazy has not subsided. I think it's gotten more intense.

Apparently, this insanity is noticeable. I was editing some audio tracks in the kitchen and The Poet handed me a folded up piece of paper. "Here, refer to this from time to time when you need to," he says, then leaves to go smoke. I unfold the paper. It looks like this:

Good to know, I guess.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Or sleep.

You know, I think I would feel less crazy if I had hot water and could take a hot shower whenever I wanted to. Argh. I'm so greasy right now! Ewwwww.

But I digress. Over and out, amigos. Or should I say - Merry Christmas Forever.


  1. Merry Christmas forever!

    And I think it's natural as an artist of any kind (be it writer, musician, art) to question their own sanity and the validity of whatever it is they are working on. We know how high a standard is expected for our work to be deemed acceptable for the public, and so we tend to over criticize it because we always set the bar higher and higher on ourselves.

    Something like that anyway.

    Merry Christmas Forever Lauren!

  2. Old Hippy Poet AGAIN! Seriously! I'm in AWE.

    Merry Christmas Forever is indeed a wonderful phrase.

  3. I love that! Merry Christmas Forever is great. And no, you're not crazy for following what your intuition is telling you. Just get it done. The worst thing you could do would be quit and not finish it, because then you would never know if it was really something worth it all.

    I know this is kind of silly [you must excuse my gamer side, I guess], but they didn't think Donkey Kong was going to be anything. The guy who invented him was looked at as a nut, and thought nobody would want to play it. Now, thanks to that guy, they have Nintendo, and Mario, and Yoshi, and all of the other ones.

    I know how wierd that all sounds, but that's what comes to mind when you mention Goat Man. I hope that in some kind of wierd, funky way, it helps. =]

  4. You aren't crazy! You're awesome!


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