Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

Tonight, I experienced my very first Winter Solstice celebration.  There are some things you just have to do when you live in a commune.  

We all wrote things down on little pieces of paper (things from this year we want to leave behind, things we want to happen in the next year, etc.).  We stapled them to our paper mache model of the sun and lit the whole affair on fire.  We played music.  We sang.  We laughed.  Some people cried.  Some people burned sentimental documents and paintings.  One man threw an old wooden spoon into the fire without explanation.  I torched some old letters I wrote but never sent.  It felt really good to watch something that once held so much angst disintegrate into ashes along with everyone else's burning baggage.

We left the fire pit feeling hopeful and renewed.  We sat around in the kitchen listening to Spaceheads and eating chocolate.

It was a wonderful night.

Next up on the menu:  Christmas.

And yes, I know, I still owe you guys a post entitled "Sausage Fest 2010 and My New Hipster 'Boyfriend.'"  I haven't forgotten.

But that's all I've got for tonight.  I shall spontaneously fall asleep at this time.

Peace out.  <3


  1. I'm surprised my dad didn't remind me that it was "the shortest day of the year" as he does every year. Maybe he knows I make fun of him for it so he's stopped. I've been too sick to even realize these things.

  2. You're still sick! Oh no! Please get better in time for Christmas!

  3. I can think of so much I'd like to add to the sun-fire. I might have to make me own one, though I'd probably have to apply for some kind of licence to allow me to burn that much crap at once!

  4. I am still sick, but I'm getting better. I got my voice back - and I celebrated by singing Mumford and Sons in the car on the way to the mall (where I purchased some Buckley's - nectar of the gods). I think I'll be good to go for Christmas! Bring on the Bailey's!

    Tom - I know I'm hijacking Lauren's comments, but yours made me laugh for real. You should look into getting a permit for that. Could be a nice New Year's Eve ritual! Out with the old!

    Also, so far the comments here are like a TASG take over! Bam! Here we are!

  5. Isn't it such an amazing feeling to let it all go?? I used to do this once a year, though not on the solstice... I should start again. It was therapeutic. Happy winter solstice. =]

  6. I plan on doing that when I finally move out. Burning everything that has a negative memory and holds me back.

    Unless its something that I can sell for money. Because then I can let it go and get rich. it's a good plan, I think.


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