Monday, September 20, 2010

Tomorrow's Just A Song Away

When I was in college, I wrote a one act play about three friends that go for a drive late at night. I was even lucky enough to have it produced by the theater department on campus, but that's besides the point. It's a play I haven't really thought about in awhile. I thought about it today. I thought about this snippet of dialogue between the two female characters and their friend Crispin (a part that was totally written for a white dude but ended up being played quite by a fantastic Chinese exchange student):

BELGIUM: I might be breaking up with Maxwell.

CRISPIN: What?! But you’re like, in love with that guy!

BELGIUM: Yeah. But I’m also kind of in love with myself.

CRISPIN: Is that enough of a reason to break up with someone?


CRISPIN: You’re heartless.

TANGERINE: You’re fine dear. I totally support whatever decision you make. After all, it doesn’t have to be the bad kind of breakup.

CRISPIN: Aren’t all breakups essentially bad?

TANGERINE: No no. Ever hear of the Spice Girls? They broke up ages ago, but they still meet up every few years for a farewell reunion tour.

CRISPIN: So when you and Maxwell break up, you’ll be like the Spice Girls?

BELGIUM: That’s what I want, what I really really want.

TANGERINE: You really really really wanna?

CRISPIN: Zigga zigga ha. (bites into a potato chip)

BELGIUM: I just hope this breakup doesn’t go all Pangaea on me.

CRISPIN: Pangaea?

TANGERINE: You dunno about Pangaea breakups?

(Crispin shakes his head)

BELGIUM: They’re the opposite of Spice Girl breakups.

TANGERINE: Yeah. Pangaea break-ups are the kind where you drift really far apart and before you know it, BAM!-

BELGIUM: -You’re Eurasia and he’s not.

CRISPIN: That’s intense.

TANGERINE: Yeah. But don’t you worry. If you do decide to break up with him, I’m sure you’ll have a Spice Girl breakup.

(There’s a brief pause.)

CRISPIN: ...But aren’t the Spice Girls all lesbians?

They go on to pick up a hitchhiker and proceed to have conversations about life, love, and green libertarians from space. It's a fun play and maybe someday I'll post more of it, but the parts about green libertarians from space aren't really relevant right now.

The part about break-ups, however, is quite relevant. This evening I had alert all of my Facebook friends that "Lauren is no longer listed as in a relationship." Gah, I hate Facebook sometimes. I should make a profile for my cat or my keytar or something so I can list myself as in an open relationship with it and totally confuse the universe. But I won't do that. I like to at least pretend that I have a life.

As far as break-ups go, it wasn't horrible. I mean, it wasn't fun or easy, but it wasn't necessarily a heart-wrenching Pangea-style break-up. I'm not saying we're going to be the Spice Girls (I think that analogy is a little weak anyway). But I didn't walk away from everything hating him or being bitter towards him. In fact, I still care about him a lot. We were both fairly miserable though. It was hard admitting it to myself, but things weren't really working out.

We met at a coffee shop outside the mall. We talked. We agreed that it's over. A cheesy 80's song played in the background, proving once and for all that my life really is a sitcom. He drank the last of his coffee. I finished my tea. We hugged and parted ways.

I went into the mall and walked around Macys for a bit. They didn't have anything very interesting on their bargain rack today, but I still had to check. I know this is such a cliche girly thing to say, but shopping always makes me feel better (even when I don't buy anything).

This song was playing as I was browsing the shoe department:

It was a good song to hear at that moment. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but it's only a song away.

Okay, so it sounds cheesy when I write it out like that, but it seemed profound and logical at the time.

Anyway, I should go to bed before I end up writing anything too pathetic. I'm trying not to think too much about everything. I'm trying to just focus on moving forward. Like a shark, right? A shark has to keep moving forward or else it will die. "And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark." If you can tell me what movie I just referenced, you get a gold star.

And with that, I shall go to bed. Goodnight, comrades.


  1. Sorry about your breakup, Lauren! That's rough. I'm sure you'll get through it and everything will be better. It usually is.

    On another note, I love the play snippet. Can I be in it? Please? :)

  2. Breakups are tough... but I think they're easier when you're mature enough to be adult about them (at least, when both parties are).

    That's a big part of the reason why my boyfriend currently doesn't want to have anything to do with FB statuses.

    I hope the healing is fast for you.

  3. Oh no! Facebook is evil in so many ways, as is having to break up with people. There should be some kind of soul mate shop. But I suppose that would rather take the fun out of it, wouldn't it? I hope you feel more cheerful soon, otherwise we'll have to get the TASG on the case.

    Life is a sitcom, you're right.

  4. Facebook is so nosy... and it just feeds off of gossip. Anyway, I hope everything is going ok for you.


  5. Awe Lauren - that is tough. And TbR is so right TASG is on it! Also, can I just say that I love that this song is mentioned because it's the song from your postcard and because of that I feel connected to this post in a secret handshake sorta way.

    Also, I have always not had a relationship status on FB because I think people are nosey bastards.

  6. 1. That excerpt is awesome.
    2. Sorry about the breakup. I'm glad that you were both so amiable about it though.

  7. so sorry about the break up miss thang....

  8. Hey, I just found your blog! Sorry about the breakup, but I do have to say that I love that there was an 80s song playing. What a moment, I'm sure. And I'm with you on the shopping. I peruse the Macy's sale rack on a very regular basis, and it ALWAYS makes me feel good!

  9. Sucks about the breakup but I loved the snippet of your play. It sounds comical.

  10. Wow. I <3 all of you, my bloggy amigos. Thanks so much for your nice comments.

    Oh, and Benny gets the gold star for knowing the movie reference! It was totally an "Annie Hall" quote.


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