Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Is Horrible...

I am doing something horrendous. 

Something I can barely stand to even think about, let alone actually do.

Something the doctor has been telling me to do for months.

Something that's supposedly for my own good. 

What am I doing, you ask?

I am switching to decaf.

That's right.  I am as caffeine-addicted as they come and it's well past the point of being remotely healthy (if you need proof of my addiction, just check out this post from back in April).

When I really think about it, kicking the coffee habit makes sense.  Coffee has way too much control over me.  If I miss a cup in the morning, my day is screwed.  And if somebody drinks my coffee, I tend to involuntarily go ballistic (my old roommate learned this the hard way).  I don't need to let it have that kind of control over me. 

Of course, I'm not hardcore enough to go cold turkey.  I got some decaf coffee and plan to mix it in with the regular coffee.  I'm still living with my parents this month and my mom is doing this with me for moral support.  We started yesterday and got the ratio of decaf to regular a little too intense for day one. 

In other words, I spent the entire day feeling like this:

We didn't put as much decaf in the mix today but I'm still feeling it a little bit.  Maybe it's psychological. 

Grrr.  I will beat this thing.  I will beat this thing, even if it kills me!

That's all.


  1. I like coffee well enough, but I can totally go without it (and I work at a coffee shop). But, I have however gotten into the habit of having a cup of tea every morning - regardless of how early or late I wake up - I need my tea.

  2. Oh my God, just don't bother. It can't be that bad for you can it? Actually, I don't want to know. It will ruin one of the only constant things in my life.

  3. I've also come to the conclusion that I'm an old lady who can't have caffeine past a certain time at night (this has yet to be determined) or else I can't sleep.

  4. I make a conscious effort to go a few days a week sans coffee, it is REALLY hard at first, but then sometimes I don't even notice it, and that is really liberating.

    You can do it. A few days of headaches is worth it to remember what its like to have a cup of coffee really wake you up again when you've gone a few days without it.

    Good luck

  5. You... you're what now?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't let them fool you! Decaf is not worth it, NOT WORTH IT I TELL YOU!!!!

    I was told to do the same thing, but I just can't bring myself to do it. So instead, I cut down how often I have coffee. Try to switch it up with tea and keep coffee for when I a) really need it, or b) for a treat.

    Best of luck to you though. I was never able to tolerate the taste of decaf.

  6. Hello. Lol, yes, beat it. Ra ra you! Your body will most definitely thank you. I don't drink coffee and never have (or will), so I can't directly empathize, but I do know that caffeine is a potent drug, and I'm sure you do too, lol. You could not only switch to decaf, but make at least another life chage to that will help the switch be more smooth. Like taking up running, (idk...or something awesome you find exhilerating). drop one bad habit, and pick up a good one to replace it with. DOUBLE WIN!


  7. Haha I've so been there. I used to drink at least 6 shots of espresso a day (seriously... at least) and I've had to quit a few times because its getting out of control.

    I found that switching to tea helped because I was still getting some caffeine (read... no headaches) but it was WAY better for you (I heart anti-oxidants).

    That said.... I've fallen back off the bandwagon and back into the waiting warm arms of coffee. Yummy...

  8. O.M.G. Decaf is the devil. Do not fall in to the hole. Love it...use it....or send it to me. Sometimes I swear that first sip of coffee is better than sex. Wait...I mean..ALMOST better than sex.

  9. Oh god! Coffee detox! Mine was painful. The only thing that worked for me - decaf never ever worked - was Asian Ginseng (*not American ginseng, that shit just relaxes you!). It didn't replace the coffee rush (nothing does!!!)but, after about a week of constant use, it did relieve the addiction. And for me the ginseng wasn't addictive. But that's partially because it's good for you and not as awesome.


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