Monday, September 6, 2010

If Music Was A Cave, I Might Hide In It For A Long Time

Ryan came over today for band practice. Lots of times, "band practice" quickly turns into...
a) indie/cult/foreign film appreciation time
b) time to talk about the meaning of life
c) time to drink too much
d) all of the above

These are all very wonderful things, but today we managed to crack down and work on music for awhile. We dug out our old catalog and prepared a set list for a hypothetical show. We played through some new material and revved up our old songs. We made a game plan. We're tired of being a dysfunctional rock duo that doesn't do anything.

We even attempted to make a video of one of our new songs to put up on youtube for our three fans to watch and enjoy. It's a difficult song and it took a million takes to get it right. When we finally got something we were semi-satisfied with, we loaded it on my laptop and discovered that all of the footage looked like this:

I'm all for being edgy and avant-garde, but it's also nice when Ryan has a head. So much fail.

Ah well. We plan on redoing it so that the world can listen to our new song without being distracted by the decapitation happening stage right.

It's just good to be working on trash rock stuff again, I guess. We haven't done a show since May and our plans to record an album got a bit stuck in the mud. Ryan works full time and lives in Timbuktu (actually, I'm the one that lives in Timbuktu right now, but we can say it's Ryan). Original Sound Trash's transition into the post-college world hasn't been the smoothest.

That's irrelevant, though. We're not those bad ass college rockers anymore, but I'd like to think we're still bad ass. And we're not in the mood to let real life get in the way of our rock and roll fantasies.

Speaking of real life, I need to call the school district tomorrow and get on their sub list again. For those of you just now tuning in, I worked as a substitute educational assistant last spring (I got the job because I had a connection, not because I actually like children). It was hellish and I would rather not do it again, but I have nothing else lined up. Maybe a few days of chasing retards kids down the hall will be the motivation I need to find a job I can stand.

*sigh* Can I just be a rock star? Pretty please?


  1. Transitioning into post-college ANYTHING is almost impossible. I give you credit for staying involved in a band with the same person...that's an accomplishment enough for this point in time.

    Look forward to hearing your music!

  2. It's good you haven't given up. I follow the Peter Pan School of Thought that says one should never grow up and let real life take over. Real life and adulthood is largely boring, so I intend to stay forever young. If only my hair would stop trying to go grey...

    Looking forward to the video!

  3. Awe, you ARE a rockstar! Can't wait o see the video. I'm sure it feels great working on your music again.

  4. Thanks guys. :)
    Ryan and I tried recording the video again last night. But when we finally had a really good performance of the song, the camera battery died halfway through. So we gave up and ate ice cream. We will try again soon.

  5. Headless Ryan is a bit unsettling. No more dazzling smile.


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