Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unorganized Brain Nuggets (Now With Even More Cholesterol!)

Hot water is still out of commission.  It's been almost two weeks now.  Today I caught myself microwaving a water in a bowl so that I could wash my hair.  What is my life coming to?

In other news, Original Sound Trash has a show on the calendar.  And here I thought the band was slowly dying.  Apparently we're not.  Cool.  

The show is over a month away, but I think I just spent a good half an hour discussing wardrobe options with my neighbors in the kitchen.  I guess that means I'm really comfortable here - usually I just save that whole "what-do-I-WEAR???" conversation for my mother.  But it's a legitimate thing to think about.  I don't want to bore you guys, but there are really a lot of roads I could go down as far as rock show attire is concerned.  

Okay, so maybe there are only three main roads to take:
a) sequins
b) fur
c) black leather

Combinations of any or all of the above are also acceptable but may be considered over the top.  I'm leaning towards leather, but if anyone has any profound input I would love to hear it.

I feel like this is one of those posts that probably doesn't need to exist but I will hit "PUBLISH" anyway.    I mean, look at me - I'm talking about clothing and hair and my mundane plumbing problems.  Snore.

Been working on "Goat Man" a lot but I never seem to get as much work done as I think I should be doing.  Lately, Goat Man has been sticking his little hooves into the ground and refusing to move forward.  He's a stubborn little guy.

I did manage to write a new song.  And record it.  As a duet with myself, because I couldn't find a singer.  I edited the pitch on my voice to sound like a dude.  Then I took it down way too low and I sounded like Darth Vadar.  I think it was at that point I got frustrated and put that song on the back burner.  But not after sharing the Darth Vadar track with a couple of friends down the hall, of course.  

Maybe someday, a documentarian will refer to this phase of my life as "the early years leading up to Lauren's big debut as a writer/rock star/freelance hippy."  But right now, I feel a little more insane all the time.

Did I mention that it's the best kind of insanity?

On that note, I should probably sleep or something.  

Goodnight, comrades.  


  1. Once at my cottage our hot water was broken, and we were forced to bathe in the lake with a bar of soap. My friend and I also shaved our legs on the back porch with a bucket of boiled water from a kettle. I'm such a city princess when it comes to stuff like that. I need my hot shower to start my day!

    As for fashion....hmmm....you do have a fabulous fur collection. Sequins are also intriguing me. Very glam. Leather is pretty bad ass. So many choices.

    Best of luck with Goat Man and with your fashion choices for your show. What does Ryan usual wear?

  2. Sooooo if you get bored enough, you can post pictures of your wardrobe options? :D

  3. Haha. You're amazing. Please just combine the leather, fur and sequins. I feel like that's clearly the only correct choice.

  4. I agree with Justin on the rock star attire. I think this may just be the best blog post title ever. I would send you some hot water, but by the time it got there, it would be room temperature or cold water.

  5. If you add a feather boa, I'm confident you'll be the most bad-ass bitch there. :)

  6. I'd say go with leather PLUS fur. And if Goat Man gives you any more shit, just feed him garbage and shoes and things. No wait, my mistake, goats EAT that. Hm. How does one discipline a goat?

  7. Oooh...leather!! I have black (p)leather skinnies and a purple (p)leather jacket. I always feel bad ass when I wear them!

  8. Damnit I wish I lived closer to you so that I could come see your outfit.

    Reading your options I totally just pictured you wearing Meryl Streep's outfit from Mama Mia when they perform during the bachelorette party.

  9. http://thetransatlanticsupportgroup.blogspot.com/2010/10/attack-of-yank.html

    The second photo here shows what Lauren looks like in fur. Pretty fabulous!

  10. Sequins. I'm like a crow, attracted by anything sparkly. That's why I spend so much time in jewellery shops despite having nobody to buy women's jewellery for.

    I'm glad it's back on track. I hope the show goes well...maybe post a video?



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