Monday, January 3, 2011

But Where Am I Supposed To Keep My Sticks???

For those of you who are just now tuning in, I live in a building that used to be a retirement home.

One of the building's many quirks is The Bathtub Room.  This room is exactly like what it sounds: a small room with nothing but a creepy-looking bathtub in it.

Recently, Management placed the following sign above said bathtub:

I really enjoy the fact that this sign needs to exist.

That is all.


  1. Sticks?? Haha! I love signs like that. I almost took a picture of this one I saw at the grocery store that was taller than me that said "All you can buy Lobster-palooza!". On the front of it, a small, 8"x10" paper said "Due to weather conditions, we were not able to get lobster". I almost died.

  2. Sticks in a bathtub? Oh man. It kind of makes me wonder what people do in there.

  3. Do people use this bathtub room to take baths? That's sorta weird. And bringing sticks into the bath with them is also weird. Are they bathing in potpourri? Some sort of aromatherapy ritual? That's so funny.


    My friend took a photo of a sign that said "No Pepper" attached to a fence at a baseball field. I later learned, from my sports addict father, that "pepper" means balls being thrown around in random directions. i guess people get hurt. Sign is still funny.

  4. Sometimes you really have to wonder why some people do the things they do... Sticks? Like from a tree? Why?!

  5. Hahaha this is so funny. My mom is an elementary school teacher and she said there is currently a sign on the boys' bathroom door that says "Please stop putting Capri Suns in the toilet."

    I feel sorry for plumbers!!

  6. Oh man, when I lived in residence, house keeping would put up signs like this ALL OF THE TIME. People do the craziest stuff...

    We had a problem with drunk uni kids trying to flush crushed beer cans down the toilet.


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