Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Lorne Michaels is producing a show about my city.  It makes fun of my city, it celebrates my city, and it's being filmed in my city.  It's called "Portlandia" (just like the big weird statue that guards the city).

I guess filming started last week, but I just sent off my resume with the hopes that they might need another cable wrangler or coffee wench. 

Oh man, if I could bring Lorne Michaels a cup of coffee and have him tell me it was too hot or too bitter, I think my life would be complete. 

Of course, he's probably not even in town.  But his minions are.  And maybe they don't even check their email during production.  But maybe they do.  And maybe they need me.  I sent them my phone number.  Maybe they'll call.

I really want them to call. 


  1. I love your new blog design ! good luck for the coffee wench job ;)

  2. Lorne Michaels? The 30 Rock guy?

    Yessss!! Good luck! :D

  3. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    Was that a phone ringing? Oh no. Sorry.


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