Friday, August 6, 2010

I Went To Canada When No One Was Looking

Home again! I left for a little bit, remember?

I went to Forks.

Don't tell Jacob this, but I'm on Team Chief Swan.

And before you click the "back" button or the "unsubscribe" button or the "alert all your facebook friends that Lauren has really lost it this time" button, I should clarify that Forks was only a mere pit stop on the way to a magical place called Canada.

Somehow I ended up with more pictures of Forks than Canada. Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

But I did eat Canadian bacon on my pizza in Canada. Does this earn me back any cool points?

I also went kayaking for the first time, which was absolutely incredible. I was so caught up in the excitement that I forgot to take any pictures. So you're just going to have to believe me when I say that I've kayaked into the ocean and am alive to tell about it.

This post is a little spastic. My apologies. I just got back today and am a bit tired. Life is continuing to move at the speed of light. When I got back to Portland I went to the open house of the artists' community I plan on moving to in September. Hipsters galore. There was a bit of a miscommunication and I won't be signing the lease tomorrow like I thought I would be, but hopefully I'll get all of that squared away soon. Otherwise I might have to declare it National Throw A Hipster Off Of A Bridge Day. Which would actually be a significantly bad move on my part, because I think I become a little more hipster-esque everyday and I don't want anybody throwing me off of a bridge. Even if it didn't kill me, it might mess up my hair and make me spill my PBR.

I should go to bed. I'm getting up in the morning to go to Steve's family reunion. I'm sure it will be fun and relatively painless, but it's my natural instinct to be terrified.

Anyway, that's all I've got tonight, amigos. It's good to be back on teh Interwebs!


  1. Yeah, I was in British Columbia. Took the ferry from the states over to Victoria, drove over to Nanaimo, then took a ferry over to Vancouver. Crashed a local music festival in Victoria and thought of you. It was in honor of BC Day and they were all Canadian bands that I didn't know.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you had fun. Welcome back anytime! Having said that, I think you live in one of North America's greatest cities anyway :).

    I still need to make it on the ocean with a kayak. I should add it to my list!

  3. Excellent - I wonder which bands played. Hmm...

    My cousin lived in Victoria for a few years - but I never had the funds or the time to visit.

  4. I'm a little jealous that you've seen BC and I still haven't... and I live in that country :(

    Glad you had a blast though.

    And for the record, I'd go to Forks too... probably to make fun of the whole Twilight phenomenon

  5. Being a complete landlubber, I had no idea that you could kayak in the ocean? Would you not be swept away? (This is coming from someone who managed to get a motorboat stuck in reverse. I had to get towed back through the harbour. It was humiliating).

    Hope the reunion went well :)

  6. This post reminded me of Meekakitty from Youtube. That's a compliment. She's hilarious, awesome, and random, but not a rock star.


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