Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here I Come To Save The Daaaaaay!

Hey ho bo diddly bop! I'm back in town, boys and girls.

Camp was a little bit crazy. I intend on writing about it, but right now my brain feels like leftover spaghetti that blew up in the microwave and then was thrown out the window and run over by a kamikaze clown car (see diagram below).

So I'm going to retreat into my cave with a bowl of ice cream and probably a Wes Anderson film and/or a Beatles album.

But first, a word from Mr. Andy Kaufman:

Yeah...I watched "Man On The Moon" for the first time a week ago and the common side effect of Kaufman-fascination hasn't quite worn off yet. Sorry about that. I shall return to the regular scheduled programming tomorrow!

Over and out.

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