Monday, August 22, 2011

Worse Than Calenders

My current to-do list:

- Make my room look less like a hipster frat house
- Drink more water, especially when it's so hot
- Stop worrying so much about the future
- Give my 30 days notice
- Start stretching before practicing The Melbourne Shuffle in my room so as to avoid embarrassing one-person-dance-party related muscle soreness
- Become more organized
- Finally finish that crazy CD and do something with it
- Beat somebody at pool
- Learn how to make money off of things I do already
- Eat more vegetables
- Remember that where ever I go, I will end up somewhere
- Actually go somewhere cool instead of just talking about it
- Block everyone on Facebook that uses words like "hubby," "house-cleaning," and "having a baby" in their status updates
- Write something people want to read
- Buy a ticket for the Amanda Palmer show in November
- Just conquer the world already

This is why I never make to-do lists...

They are even worse than calenders.


  1. Um, you always write stuff I want to read.

    Oh, oh, oh...I beat my boyfriend at darts and pool!!! He's British and everything!

  2. I agree with Allison. You can just check writing something people want to read off your list. I need to learn how to make money off of things I do already too. Except I partially do, since now I'm calling myself a freelance graphic designer, and I'm selling photo manipulations. If someone could pay me to watch movies, that would be splendid. I think I'm going to have to set up an Etsy shop though, and start selling the jewelry I make.

  3. I want your cd...that's like 3 or four of those! Oh, and you could totally beat me at pool. Do a tour. Come to LA. I'll buy you a beer and you can beat me at pool. Then I'll buy your cd. ;)

  4. I just wrote 3 or four. That's confusing. THREE OR FOUR. OR 3 or 4. DECISIONS!

  5. Logging into facebook is really quite annoying lately. Congrats on all your babies and that you're so in love with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend wife, etc. but I don't need to hear about it every five minutes.

    And yes to the Amanda Palmer ticket!

  6. I prefer to-do lists over calendars because it feels good to cross the items out when I'm done with them, as in "I actually did something today." The temptation to cross them out propels me to complete the task.

    You should enter my giveaway, by the way. It's about passion and I would love to hear what you have to say on the topic!

  7. Allison - You beat a British boy at darts AND pool? You go girl! I wish I had your skill. The only time I've ever beaten anyone at pool happened because they accidentally hit the 8 ball in. It's still winning, but I want to win by sinking all of the balls like a shark.

    Jay - Good for you for trying the freelance thing. And if you ever figure out how to get paid to watch movies, let me know! I want to do that! Haha.

    Adria - You can totally have a copy of my CD when it's all done. And if I ever come through LA, I will totally drink beer and play pool with you. Also, I enjoy your mixture of numbers and letters.

    Ginny - Yeah, Facebook has become a friendlier place ever since I blocked all of the people like that. It was getting to be almost unbearable. Too many people my age are getting married, having babies, and updating their statuses about their new domestic lives. Yuck. On another note, I am so excited that Amanda Palmer is coming to my town - I have never seen her perform live before and can't wait!

    the Tsaritsa - Yeah, crossing out items on a to-do list always feels good. Sometimes, I catch my self writing stupid stuff on a to-do list just so I can cross it off and feel accomplished. Haha. And I'm totally planning on entering your giveaway. Am cooking up my entry. :)
    Also, you can totally have a CD!

  8. Lauren - I totally beat him at darts and game each. And not cause he sunk the 8 either - I won with skill (or luck...or his bad luck). But last time I played him I sucked, but we had fun.

    I want a CD too!

  9. You're totally getting a CD :)

    Actually, I think I'm going to put the whole thing up for free download for awhile, just to get it out there. It's taking me a million years to finish, mostly because the guy that's mixing it for me recently got a full time job and no longer stays up doing music stuff. Hmmpfh.

  10. Oh man I totally worry that my room looks kinda hipsterish - to be honest I kinda worry that I come across as hipsterish in general!

    Thanks for following me by the way. You have a new follower too! XD

  11. Oooh PS: I just realised i'm your 100th follower. Congrats!

  12. Yep, you can definitely scratch writing something people want to read off your list. You've got enough followers to prove that we all love reading your stuff :)

    I want a copy of your cd when you get it done. So excited.


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