Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hip To Be Square?

I got new glasses a few days ago. Big, over-sized, Woody Allen glasses. They are my new favorite things. Except when I wear them around, I can't decide if I'm the hottest thing ever or if I'm absolute hipster scum.

I asked one of my neighbors for her opinion on the new glasses. "They make you look really smart," she replied. "After all, you're not one of those lazy kids that drinks nothing but Pabst Blue Ribbon."

Shortly after that, I walked into the pub with some friends and the bartender popped open a can of Pabst the minute he saw me walk in. "The usual, I assume?" he asked, sliding the beer towards me.

"By the way, nice glasses," he added as I fished around in my purse for two dollars.

I mumbled a "thank you," paid for my crappy beer, and proceeded to run into Mr. Syracuse. He was drinking alone at the end of the bar and immediately noticed my new glasses.

"Are those prescription?" he asked, smirking just a little bit.

"Yes," I said, wondering how many people would dare to ask me that question. "Yes, I actually need glasses to see things."

Over the past few days, several people have felt the need to ask me whether or not my new glasses have prescription lenses in them.

I doubt Woody Allen ever had to put up with that.


  1. Love the Woody Allen frames! It's annoying that people think you're being trendy, though, when you actually need them to help your vision :/ Sidenote: I wanted to fail an eye exam when I was 10 because I really wanted to wear glasses. I didn't fail it on purpose, but I still wonder what it'd be like to wear them.

  2. Thanks!
    And that's funny - when I was a kid I totally cheated on those eye exams in school because I was embarrassed that I couldn't see very well. I would stand at the back of the line and memorize the chart while all the other kids took the test. Then I would recite the chart for memory (it was too blurry for me to actually read).

  3. I kind of want to buy the same kind of glasses that Harry Potter wears. Or maybe the cat's eye glasses that Lisa Loeb wore for a while in the 90s. But I have a really high prescription (is that the right phrase?), so I can only wear certain frames.

  4. Ah, lame. I totally think you could rock cat's eye glasses.
    Actually, when I was shopping for these glasses I tried on some cat's eye glasses that were really cool but didn't really look right on me. I think only certain people can pull them off.

  5. Lol. I have prescription glasses but usually wear contacts. People who have seen me in my glasses have complimented me and want me to wear them out but I'm always so nervous about it.

    Your glasses are super cute.

  6. Blame the hipsters for wearing fake glasses and ruining it for the rest of us with actual bad eyesight.

  7. Firstly, they look smashing on you :) Very, very you.

    Secondly, I'm with Allison. Hipsters wearing fake glasses are DEFINITELY to blame. Because I have those very thick, dark-rimmed glasses, I often get asked the same thing and its quite a nuisance.


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