Sunday, August 14, 2011

Late Night Love/Hate Lists

I love it when...

- A friend introduces you to someone you've never seen before but that person pretends to have a history with you. It's best if you play along. Example: Friend: "Lauren, meet my friend André." André: "Oh, I know Lauren - we traveled across the country together back in 2001." Me: "Oh yeah, that was crazy! Especially when the car broke down. Nice to see you again, André."

- My friends and I have picnics on the stoop over-looking 82nd Avenue and pretend it's somewhere scenic.

- The coffee finally kicks in and I write about twelve pages of a theoretical sitcom episode over the course of a couple of hours.

- I realize that I am absolutely surrounded by people that believe in me and my various creative projects.

I hate it when...

- I realize that probably at least half of the people I hang out with only invite me places because I'm the one with the car.

- The smell of the dead fridge wafts down the hallway.

- The noise from 82nd Avenue keeps me awake when I sleep with my window open.

- It becomes clear that I need to move on from this Bohemian mad house and do something slightly more responsible with my life (don't ask me what that would be - I don't know yet...).


  1. The smell of the dead fridge would bother me too. I was in a similar situation with the fridge in the office that I used to share with other instructors; people would leave their food in there for weeks or even months, that's if they didn't leave it sitting out on their desks. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and cleaned up the kitchen myself. I even took the dirty dishes from my officemates' desks and washed them. They were surprised. They didn't realize it bothered me. (!)

  2. The smell of a dead fridge would also bother me.

    I remember when I stayed in NYC, I couldn't sleep because of all the noise. I doubt I could ever live in a city that noisy.


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