Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 27 Club

I logged into Facebook today to see my newsfeed exploding with the words "RIP AMY WINEHOUSE."

Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of her. I didn't dislike her and she has a couple of good songs that I jam out to occasionally, but I didn't love her. And I feel like her death really shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. Yes, it is tragic, but maybe she should have actually gone to rehab instead of saying "no, no, no."

Too late to make her go to rehab now. She's a certified member of The 27 Club now and is now probably hanging out with Kurt, Jimmy, and Janis somewhere.

When I was a teenager, I secretly thought that joining The 27 Club would be a good life plan. After all, when you're 15, you have over a decade before The 27 Club becomes an option. That seems like enough time to accomplish rock and roll fame. Plus, when you're a teenager, the prospect of being any older than 27 is slightly nauseating. Joining the ranks of Kurt and Janis at a young age and leaving behind a legacy just seems logical. It's either that or do even scarier turn 30.

But as I got older, The 27 Club began to seem less appealing. Now that I'm sitting at age 23, I want nothing to do with a young rock and roll death. I'm only four years away from being 27 and I love my life way too much to plot the end of it.

Plus, you can really only join The 27 Club if you're a famous rock star. I've got a long ways to go before I'm eligible.

Not to mention I'm too square to die of a drug-overdose and not quite dark enough to kill myself. So that leaves all of the fairly lame rock star death options: a plane crash, choking on vomit, a bizarre gardening accident...

I am so over The 27 Club.

Besides, turning 30, or 40, or even 50 has got to be better than having the words "vomit asphyxiation" become part of your eulogy.

But anyway, I digress. And all that's really left to say is this:

Rest in Peace, Amy Winehouse. You were totally a hot mess and sort of looked like a man in drag, but you had a voice on you and knew how to work your own style. Thanks for the songs about the rehab you did not attend and tell Kurt I said "hey."

And now I should really close this post before I come up with more insensitive things to say...


  1. I actually wonder whether she planned it to join The 27 Club?

  2. I am 27 - it's slightly scary when I think about it. But all of those big names in the 27 club died of self-inflicted causes.

    Don't do drugs kids and you might make it to 28.

  3. Well, I clearly am out of the running for the 27 Club, since I'm... um.. 28. Guess I'm not a rock star after all. SIGH. :)

  4. It surprised me that so many people were shocked about it. As insensitive as it is, she did kind of bring it on herself.

    It's a shame, and a waste, and I pity her... but it's not a surprise.

  5. Didn't 27 seem ANCIENT when you were a kid? At 28 kids probably think I'm a dried up old crow. Bloody kids!

  6. I wasn't really surprised by it, but it was sad all the same - death is always sad, no matter who's involved. Unless we're talking about Sarah Palin, in which case, I plan on having a huge party where we all sit around and laugh for five hours.


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