Friday, April 1, 2011

Special Cookies

People don't usually expect me to be a prankster, but I totally am one under the right circumstances.

And today is April Fools Day. Definitely the right circumstance for the perfect prank.

That being said, I made some great cookies last night.

Cheap Oreos with toothpaste filling, anyone?

I put them on a plate and left them on the kitchen table in the middle of the night.


Tons of people fell for it. They bit into them and gagged and laughed and wondered who on earth would play a prank like that. Meanwhile, I sat reading the paper and laughing to myself inconspicously.

Everyone blamed it on the dirty hipster that no one likes. I was never even a suspect.

Mission accomplished.

Maybe I'll fess up about it later, but right now I'm having too much fun watching people try to figure where the cookies came from.

Anyway, happy April Fools Day, everyone!

I'm a really sick person sometimes...


  1. Oh my goodness this prank is awesome! I am so jealous of your amazing joke skills. I'd never think of something like this.

  2. That is a prank that required lots of effort and planning - good stuff. I'm too lazy for April Fool's.

  3. I am so gonna do this sometime!

  4. Lmao, nicely done! If I had a badge that said 'muwhahahahaha' I'd so send it to you!

  5. Hahah this is actually hilarious. I would love to do this to my boyfriend, especially because he hates mint things (obviously he brushes his teeth lol but food wise) so this would be disgusting to him. But then I have to fear what he would do in return...

  6. I think I peed a little. This is the greatest thing ever.

  7. That is the best prank I've heard of in a long time.


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