Friday, April 1, 2011

Goal Club Part Two: Melancholy Edition

There's been an epidemic of depression around here lately. We're all artists, so we're naturally a pretty emotionally unstable bunch. But this week has been so gloomy that it's almost comical. Just look at the recent entries on the Goal Club chart:

Is it just me, or is it time to hire a community therapist?

Meanwhile, The Chef is on his own planet:

The Fonz wrote "stop making fun of goal club"
The Chef is actually in Amsterdam right now. He managed to escape this madhouse. The Fonz is gone for a couple of weeks too. It's amazing how quiet it is with just those two people gone. A few other people are making plans to leave for awhile.

I was even thinking about pulling a Jack Kerouac and setting out on an impromptu road trip to Austin. It seemed like a good idea until I learned that the person I was going to ride along with was travelling south on a drug-smuggling mission of sorts. I wasn't in the mood to go to jail, so I skipped out on that adventure (hence the word "NO" next to the question about traveling and The Poet's negative feelings about Texas...).

You know, I never really realize how weird my life is until I type things like that out.

I need to come up with a temporary escape plan that doesn't involve illegal activity or Texas. Anybody got any grand ideas?


  1. I love these posts, it's like Postsecret meets Graphjam - maybe the temporary escape plan could be to make

  2. Come to Toronto!

    Keep up with your goals!

  3. Supergreensunbear - Haha, is a brilliant idea, you just might be onto something there.

    Allison - Hmmm. Maybe someday I will come check out Toronto. :D And you could give me the Scott Pilgrim tour! Hehe.

  4. I'm with Allison. Come to Toronto. Then I could meet up with you too :D

  5. Just came back from the Holly Land and..what can I say- I have the urge to share :) Saw breathtaking view, been to some historical sites, and most importantly- walked in the footsteps of our lord Christ..


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