Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Post - The Fonz

First off, I've got some bizarro cartoons floating around the internet that I'd like to share with you guys. I know I've mentioned The Transatlantic Support Group on here before, but I'm taking this opportunity to shamelessly plug it again because Tom, Allison, and I had way too much fun pretending to be superheros last week. I got a little bit carried away and created a three-page comic that relentlessly makes fun of hipsters. You can read that comic here. Don't forget to check out the rest of the blog while you're there!

In other news, The Fonz now knows about this blog. I reluctantly showed him a few entries from it tonight and he was fascinated. Honestly, I was nervous that he would somehow be offended by the fact that I've written about him, but he thought it was great. The whole scene was mildly reminiscent of Dumbledore telling Harry Potter he's a wizard.

He even offered to write an impromptu guest post for me. So without furthur ado, here is The Fonz:

Hi Lauren's readers- This is The Fonz, guest writing Lauren's blog entry for today because she is tired of all of you sucking out her essence and needs a break from giving so much. As for me, I am more Fonzie like everyday. My many disorders are melting away as perfect hair, perfectly white t-shirts, free juke box plays, and multitudes of STD-free sexual escapades in "my office" with the pink ladies take over where anxiety once ruled. As for Lauren she had a great day. She had a heartfelt walk around our neighborhood with a local eastern Guru who gave her advice that comes from the nether regions of Nepal and from Oprah. She now feels more enlightened and free and even broke into laughter and tears simultaneously as she pointed with joy at one of God's greatest creations; the squirrel. She marveled at her new insight and her delight in finally being able to see a squirrel's testicles for the first time. "Look at them, basking in the sunlight, it's sooo beutifuuul.." she exclaimed. The world is full of wonders and Lauren is headed down a new path of positivity, relationalness, dreamtucking, and happijoyness.

That concludes today's message from The Fonz. I apologize for the strange squirrel humor. Believe it or not, that story is all based on actual events (though I believe he misquoted me a bit towards the end).

By the way, you guys are definitely not "sucking out my essence," as The Fonz so poetically stated. Just for the record. :D

Anyway, I've got lots more to write about but I should really go to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to throw another post up here tomorrow. But for now, I'm gonna get sleep. Goodnight, amigos.


  1. Hey Fonz :D And I loved this one!!

  2. That's awesome Lauren!

    And I love the epic TASG plug - we truly are as awesome as she says we are.

    Hi Fonz!

  3. haha, this post gave me a good laugh
    i should have my hubs write a guest post for me, it's always interesting to see what stories they come up with :)

  4. Nice post Fonz. You're pretty funny. And Lauren, I'm glad that we're not sucking out your essence.

  5. Nice post Fonz. Even if there was a little white lie in there ;)

  6. The comic was very very funny. I laughed so hard. XD


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