Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf? TIME TO LIVE IN A COMMUNE!

So today was the infamous moving day. I now live in an "artist's community" that was formerly a creepy old folks' home.

As you probably suspected, I'm a little exhausted. But I thought I would share with you a short list of quotes from today that really sum everything up.

This list will begin now ("Beginning list, Captain!"):

White dude with sideways baseball cap and baggy pants: "So, the security sweeps...will those be like every night? Will I have to let them in my room?"
Landlord: "Oh no, they won't be going in your room. Someone will just be going through the halls and making sure there aren't any prositutes hanging around or anything."
Old hippy man: "So you won't know if I have grow lamps running?"

Man in tight pants that looks like Frodo Baggins: "So, um, can we like earn credit towards buying miniature refrigerators?"
Landlord: "Um...what?"
Man in tight pants that looks like Frodo Baggins: "Can we get points towards mini fridges?"
Landlord: "Uhh...there's a Standard TV and Appliance down the road..."

My mom: "Lauren, there's a hole in your bathroom wall."
Me: "Holy crap..."

My mom: "I have to go to the bathroom and I'm not going to use yours while the Mexican construction workers are in there fixing your wall...I'm gonna go try those public restrooms down the hall."
Me: "Okay, I have to go to, I'll join you."
(We look inside the ladies' restroom)
Me: "I don't have to go anymore."
My mom: "Yeah...I can hold it."

Old guy who is excited about banjos: "Hey, you're a musician dude, right? Did you see my banjo? I just moved it in?"
Me: "Yeah, I saw somebody going up the stairs with a banjo..."
Old guy who is excited about banjos: "Which one was it? Was it silver made of wood?
Me: "I don't know, I just noticed that it was a banjo..."
Old guy who is excited about banjos: "By the way, I'm going to have bluegrass jams at my place!"

(while wondering around the deserted hallways)
My friends Chad, David, and Megan: "This place reminds me of 'Twelve Monkeys.'"

(Chad and I are carrying stuff up to my room)
Gorgeous Man Lurking Around The Kitchen: "Hey, how's it goin?"
(Chad and I continue up the stairs after some breif introductions and small talk)
Chad: "That guy is so gay. Totally eyeing me."
Me: "He's not gay! He's just pretty."
Chad: "Straight guys don't dress that well. He's at least bisexual."

All of us: "Oh man, somebody's really smokin a joint right now..."

Sign on the wall: "ATTENTION RESIDENTS - Hot water in the building will not be working until Tuesday."

The place was deserted tonight, with the exception of the gorgeous man lurking around the kitchen and some short-haired blonde chick who was hot boxin it up in her room. I enjoy having the ability to take showers, so I took the liberty of going back to my parent's house for the night. I'll go back tomorrow to move a few more things in and organize my new room.

Everyone keeps telling me I'm so brave for trying this commune thing. I'm really not that brave. In fact, I think I've spent the last 24 hours going "OMG, I'm moving into a commune full of strangers! What am I thinking?" Nah, I'm not brave. I'm just curious and ready for a change.

And you know what? I am so excited. Really. :D

That is, despite the fact I probably won't fully move in until Tuesday now because of the hot water issue. The place is still under a bit of construction. It should be really cool when it all comes together. It already is pretty cool, but hopefully it will soon become the pee-in-the-hallway-bathrooms-without-the-fear-of-getting-a-disease kind of cool.

Oh man. I live for new adventures. I feel strangely optimistic tonight. It's a good feeling.

I promise I'll write a more coherent post on all of this sometime in the near future. But for now - this is Lauren The Starving Artist, signing off!


  1. The commune sounds fantastic. Too much fun. And adventurific.

    I hope it continues to be so.

  2. Oh so brave! I love fun & adventure but this is the type of thing (along with camping) that makes me think i'm a princess. ok maybe i am a little bit.

    But i can't wait to hear all the bound-to-be-crazy stories!! :))

    ps: be safe!

  3. no hot water! ahh. It sounds like you will have lots of blogging material when you do officially move in. :)

  4. Seriously, you are brave - I would not be able to live like that I don't think. Also, what scene from Twelve Monkey did it remind your friends of?

    It kind of reminds me of this hostel I stayed at in Montreal.

  5. Ah! I'm jealous, what a great opportunity.

    And a little scary

  6. Tbr - It is pretty fantastic so far (besides the bit about no hot water). It's quite the quirky old building too. Perhaps I'll do a photo tour of it on here once I get more settled in.

    daniela - Yeah, I draw the line at camping. Even this is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but you only live once, right?

    MissEmy - So true. I'm sure I will have daily blogging inspiration in my new place. :)

    Allsion - I have my own bathroom and my own room, so it's not completely like a hostel.
    But now that you mention it, it does feel a little hostel-esque.
    It's been awhile since I've seen Twelve Monkeys, but I think they were referring to the insane asylum stuff.

    Adria - Hey, there are still open rooms I think. Maybe you should be moving to Portland instead of L.A. :P Haha.

  7. Wow! I can't wait to hear more about how this turns out! Sounds exciting!

  8. I agree with MissEmy; you'll certainly won't have a lack of blogging material living there! Don't worry; living with strangers is always a little weird at first. You'll probably grow to love it. :)

  9. This sounds fantastic. It must be a weird mixture of excitement and terror moving into a commune. I can imagine living with other artists would be amazing and very stimulating creatively.

  10. True say to only living once. You can always move out - in theory.

    Just lettin' ya know i gave you an award - check it out!

  11. Will you show us pictures of your new place?

  12. hi miss lauren, the starving artist, what an interesting life you lead. my twin sister used to live in a "hippie" commune (she didn't last long -- but her stories do).

    i also checked out your music blog and admire the creativity and bravery for responding to questions with original music. i am going to start responding to love or relationship questions on my blog but i think you have me beat.

  13. Laura Darling - It is pretty exciting. Updates coming soon! :)

    Z.J. - Yeah no kidding - I've only been here for one night and I already have tons of blogging material.

    Rachel - You have no idea. I've been so excited/scared out of my mind throughout this whole moving process. Seems to be going good so far though.

    Daniela - Yeah, I'm going month-to-month on the rent so if it doesn't work out I can move out. Also, thanks for the blog award! I will do something with it very soon.

    Tabs - I plan on putting up a photo tour of my new place very soon. You guys all need to experience the horror and intrigue of quirks such as the bathtub room (it's just a room in the hall with nothing but a bathtub in it).

    Artemis Clover - Thanks. :) I try to keep my life as interesting as possible haha.
    I bet your sister has some great stories from her commune experience. I'm sure I will too after I live here for a little bit.


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