Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Typical Lauren Friday Night...

Tonight's progression:

1. Wear new shoes. Look hawt. Feel good about self.

2. Forget to make plans with anyone.

3. Go into the kitchen to cook something.

4. Make dinner with The Theater Lover.

5. Meet an intriguing young man while baking pumpkin spice bread.

6. Eat yellow squash enchiladas with a bunch of my neighbors.

7. Drink a toast to ourselves and find comfort in the fact that we are a bunch of misunderstood artists who can really understand each other.

8. Talk about ridiculous commune drama that is neither funny nor interesting enough to write down.

9. Talk about The Proletariat vs. The Bourgeoisie, The Sharks vs. The Jets, Artists vs. The World.

10. Feel inspired.

11. Do the dishes.

12. Realize that everyone else is really tired and is going to bed at 10.

13. Lurk around the kitchen in hopes that someone interesting will come around.

14. Go back to my room and contemplate calling Tweaked Out Elvis Costello.

15. Mentally replay that last few interactions I've had with Tweaked Out Elvis Costello and decide that I'm not in the mood to deal with him tonight.

16. Call the bandmate to figure out band practice.

17. Listen to the phone ring for a long time.

18. Hang up.

19. Change into sweatpants.

20. Think about watching a movie.

21. Decide not to watch a movie.

22. Notice that the trash is disgusting.

23. Think about taking out the trash.

24. Look out the window, see that it's a little rainy, and vow to take out the trash first thing in the morning.

25. Play my keyboard.

26. Become aware of the fact that the terrible music from next door/outside/where-ever has started again.

27. Write the world's most pathetic blog post containing all the mundane details of the evening.

28. Go to bed???

Here's to strange Friday nights in the commune.

Goodnight, amigos.


  1. Kudos on a night in.

    I hate buying new shoes/new clothes and then not having anywhere to go in them.

    Sucks she put that music on again.

  2. nice new layout! :)

    #2 should have read, "found someone last minute who was willing to go out to my fave 80s dance club!" :(

  3. Allison - At least she turned the music off earlier this time. I think it only ran for about 20 minutes instead of 2 hours. Someone must have complained.

    daniela - Thanks! It's good to hear that the layout isn't completely atrocious.
    And I totally wanted to go 80s dancing last night. I was going to suggest it to people in the kitchen but then everybody went to bed. Why don't you live closer to me? We could be 80s dancing buddies. :P

  4. Sometimes I really like nights in, but I have to have planned it. Otherwise I get really restless and frustrated at the lack of anything interesting to do. When you're busy, there's loads to do. When you have nothing to do, nobody's there and you're left to wallow in the doing of nothing.

  5. hahaha, not quite as mundane as you think, I think. :)

  6. On an unrelated note, last Friday night, somebody at my place totally made pumpkin bread and it made my day because I had no food left but had to go to school. So I stole some of it. And I've been wondering who this person was so I could thank them properly. It was very good pumpkin bread.

  7. Gack. i've had nights like that. They just end up seeming like a giant waste of doing nothing. And then you wonder what was the purpose of doing the things that you did at all.

    At least, that's how those Friday nights end up for me. Only, they tend to actually end around 8:30pm, when, in desperation of preventing myself from wallowing in self-pity and depression, I force myself to go to bed.


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