Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today I am twenty-three. Twenty-freaking-three! Wasn't I just twenty-two? Wasn't I just twenty-one? Wasn't I just twenty?

My birthday always sneaks up on me. This year was no exception. I didn't really make any exciting plans. I thought about awesome things I've done for my birthday in years past. Many of those things involve my friend Cyndi, who now lives eight hours away. When we were in college she used to show up on my doorstep at midnight with Captain Crunch or kidnap me and take me to the movies. Those were some of the greatest birthdays.

Cyndi unexpectedly came into town this weekend. On Friday she texted me and asked if she could crash here on Saturday night. She showed up when I was eating French fries in the kitchen with Tweaked Out Elvis Costello. I hadn't seen her since July. It was fantastic.

At midnight she presented me with a mix CD and a well-loved Tom Robbins book. We made some popcorn and watched this film:

I had seen this movie before, but it was several years ago and I could relate to it on a whole different level this time around. The film is hilarious and thoughtful and probably THE film that best sums up my life right now.

"That movie is so twenty-three," I said to Cyndi when it was over. She agrees.

Cyndi took off early this afternoon (but not without meeting my hippy neighbors first). I finished my cup of tea and made myself some lunch. I blasted Marina And The Diamonds danced around my studio. Later I will go downstairs to the restaurant and continue having a conversation about employment with the owner. Later I will meet my family for dinner. Later still, I'll probably have the standard issue existential crisis that comes along with birthdays.

But right now, I'm feeling really content. I'm happy to be alive, to be twenty-three. I think the next year of my life is going to be a good one. I'm not gonna let it be anything other than that. :)


  1. You never told me it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Jeez - 23...I remember my 23rd birthday...that was three and a half years ago!

    Urgh, now I'm thinking about turning 27 next year...birthdays can be bittersweet, but I always try to have fun on mine.

    I hope you have a lovely dinner with your family and some birthday cake!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren!!! I hope it's spectacular.

  3. Happy Birthday Lauren! 23 is a good comes with a lot of self-realization, which is always enjoyable!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great year.

  5. happy birthday!!!!

    *sigh* to be 23 again...enjoy it....27 creeps up fast!!

    btw: I'm so NOT looking fwd to turning 28 next year...gah!!

    hope your day was AWESOME!!!! =)

  6. Happy birthday!!! Hope my 23rd is as epic as yours.

  7. How did the existential crisis go? I'm struggling to remember my 23rd. I'm actualy not all that old, but my 23rd year passed in a blur. I hope your 23rd year is good enough to remember!

  8. :) Thanks everyone. It definitely was not a bad birthday!

    And Tom, the existential crisis didn't hit until the very end of the day when I was in my room alone (naturally). It was more intense than usual for several reasons but it could have been worse - Ingmar Bergman's ghost could have dropped in for a game of chess. I don't think he knows my new address. I think I'll keep it that way.

  9. Haha - so that's why he keeps turning up at mine; he's at a loose end now you've moved away. I feel so used. Next time he comes round, me and Ingmar are gonna track you down. I need some time to myself,

  10. Happy incredibly belated birthday my dear -- sounds like you had a good one.

    Birthday's always creep up on me too. I still feel like I turned twenty-four only a month ago, and yet I'll be turning 25 in just under 5 months. Crazy how fast the time goes by now.


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