Friday, February 18, 2011


This can't be a long post, but I did something today that is worth blogging about:

I met Mike Mills from R.E.M.

And I gave him one of my home-made demo CDs. 

It was quite the ballsy move.  I spent about an hour afterwards replaying the conversation in my head and thinking "Holy crap, did that really just happen?" 

Another holy crap moment - as I'm typing this Mike Mills just walked in and out of the room I'm in. 

I think it's appropriate to get off of the computer at this time.


  1. I don't know if I love you or hate you for this...

    probably love you...but a bit jealous.

  2. That's awesome!!!! Good for you, Lauren!!

  3. If you can get something signed by him for me I will no longer be jealous :)

  4. That's so awesome! Soon you'll be famous.

  5. Oh wow!!!! Good for you!!
    Btw, thank you for including my blog on your blogroll!!!! :)

  6. that's awesome... Mike Mills holds a special place in my music-heart. I'm the guy who's always like "Yo, you all think Michael Stipe writes all the songs, but you don't even KNOW about Mike Mills!" So that's extra awesome.

  7. Oh my God! (My actual muttered reaction to this post was less religious and more vulgar).

    I expect to be reading about this moment again, in your official autobiography in a few years' time.

  8. OH MY GOSH. OH MAN> OH MAN> ...

    That is amazing Lauren! I am so proud of you! That is killer. Way to go!


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