Friday, February 18, 2011

I Found Internet At The Hotel...Huzzah!

I'm in San Diego!

The plane ride here was special.  It was only two hours long, but it was long enough to throw up three times and get stuck next to a Jehovah's Witness who was attempting to evangelize.  There was also a large gyspy woman covering her armpits in smelly perfume and an entire high school soft ball team near my seat.  Not to mention another girl named Lauren who was also puking a lot. 

So that all made for a fun plane ride.  But I made it to California in one piece and have been having a blast.

Not to mention I got to sit right up front while Augustana did their set.  I met them afterwards and took some blurry photographs while hugging the cute bass player.  I then proceeded to go into awkward fan girl mode at the garden party that proceeded.  "Hi, you're that Augustana boy!  I think I was totally a dork when I met you earlier...hi, I'm Lauren!  You rock!" 

I'm ridiculous.

Last night I also had the priveledge of hearing a band called Black Dub.  I didn't expect to like them very much but they blew me away.  They might just be my new favorite.

There was also a band called Frentik that made me grin like a little kid.  The lead singer was this bad ass redhead chick in a sparkly dress.  She jumped around and sang about how stupid boys are.  It was a performance that inspired me. 

Anyway, I think it's almost lunch time.  I better go see what's on the buffet table.  There's a lot of good music lined up for today.  I recently discovered that R.E.M.'s Mike Mills is here.  Holy crap.  It's not like I listened to "Automatic For The People" everyday when I was 16 or anything.

(Please note the intended sarcasm - I totally listened to "Automatic For The People" everyday when I was 16.)

That's all for now!  Staaaay tuned. 


  1. If you meet Mike Mills tell him you know a girl in Canada who loves his band! dont have to...

  2. Also....Ive heard of Black Dub. It's Daniel Lanois's band. I met him when I was 11 at my cousin's wedding.

  3. hmm, badass redhead chick in a sparkly dress sounds very similar to you at your last show

  4. I'm more jealous that you saw Black Dub than anything else. You have all the goddamn luck.

  5. Ack, sounds like an amazing time. Glad you're having a blast!


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