Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trash Rock and Twinkies.

Ryan and I have a show tomorrow night.

Naturally, I'm already nervous.

It's ridiculous. It's getting to the point where people laugh when I mention being nervous. "Lauren, haven't you done this a million times?" they say.

Yes, I've done the performing thing a few times and usually everything feels natural and under control when I'm on stage. But there's always that weird 48 hour period beforehand where I don't know what to do with myself. I freak out about my outfit for a couple of hours. I worry about the set list. I'm even infamous for coming down with a terrible sore throat before shows. It must be psychosomatic because it happens almost every time.

We've done a lot of practicing in the past few days. We know the songs inside and out. We're ready. And I am fairly confident that we will rock it. But there is still this freaky cloud of nervousness lurking around my brain. What if our music goes horribly wrong somehow?

Then there's my own little wardrobe issue. I'm going out on a limb and wearing a strapless dress. It's the kind of dress I tried on for fun and knew immediately that it was made for me. I'm really excited about it, but I don't typically wear strapless dresses and am paranoid about having some sort of wardrobe malfunction onstage.

I'm so paranoid that I've been practicing in the dress. That's probably not the type of thing you should admit on a public blog, but it's true. I've been putting on my dress and heels before band practice these days. I've also spent way too much time practicing my keytar stance in front of my mirror when I'm alone. Don't judge.

But aside from being awkwardly nervous, I'm just plain excited. It's been way too long since Ryan and I have done a show at a decent venue. I know we're going to have a blast.

I also know that the crowd will be full of my friends and neighbors from the commune. The Poet is organizing a massive field trip. Nobody here drives, so it sounds like there's going to be twenty people taking a Trimet bus across town to cheer me on as I pretend to be a rock star.

I know I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again: The people I live with are absolutely wonderful.

Sometimes I feel like we're the brats that have refused to grow up and that's why we all get along so well. If you don't believe me, check out these pictures from Sunday night's art installation:

Yes, those are Twinkies. Yes, they are wearing loin cloths/thongs and hanging from the ceiling.

It all started on the kitchen whiteboard with a weird cartoon war between The Fonz and The Chef. It escalated to The Poet buying two boxes of Twinkies at the store and handing them to The Fonz, Purple Hair, and myself to decorate. We hung them all from the ceiling in the middle of the night. It was glorious.

I think we all missed the memo that we aren't in college anymore. But right now, that's okay. I'm having more fun than I ever did in college anyway. I'm definitely making a lot more music, which is what I need to be doing.

And with that, I'm off to go make more tea. I've got to make this stupid sore throat go away by tomorrow night, even if it is just psychosomatic.

Peace out, amigos.


  1. Good luck with your show tonight...I hope you guys kick ass!!

  2. You are infinitely cooler to me now that I know you play a keytar!! Good luck on your show, though I know you and Ryan will kill it. You should post a pic of you and your strapless dress and your keytar.. I might just lose myself. Ha!

  3. You know what? I just realized [since you mentioned Hawthorne Theater] that we do NOT live very far away from each other! I'll have to come up sometime and see one of your shows then! =]
    And nice twinkies. I wonder what my husband would say if I did that...

  4. Good luck with your show tonight! The twinkie installation is ace! I really wish I lived in a place like yours; I would love a continuation of college life so much.

  5. Hun, The groupies will be there, so the show will be awesome. I have yet to see a non-awesome OST set, so thus, you will be awesome.

  6. You're going to rock it! I'm so excited for you!

    Also, I know what you mean about the strapless dress. My new years dress was strapless and I actually tried it on a bunch of times, and tugged on it to see how easily it would come down (if that were to happen by accident). I was so paranoid - I put a sweater over it.


  7. I saw that you were the featured blogger on 20sb (congrats on that, by the way!) and decided to read some of your blog posts. I really like what I've read so far. I also like the picture of the Twinkies. Did you get to eat them eventually or did you leave them up for art's sake? :)

  8. You're gonna rock that show :) And you'll figure out something awesome to wear, because you always look awesome (from what I've seen anyways).

    Also, the twinkies are epic :D

  9. OH man, the twinkies... only in Portland... do people actually get up and hang twinkies from the ceiling, instead of just thinking about hanging twinkies from the ceiling while actually just hanging disco balls and privately crying tears for their underdeveloped twinkie dreams.

    Also just saw you on 20sb after logging in for the first time since way back in '10... congrats!

    And if anybody ever laughs at you for practicing in your dress, you can go, "It's a dress rehearsal, OK?"

  10. Wow, Hawthorne Theater, that's a very decent venue. You will do fantastic. I have only worn a strapless dress once in my life and it was so stressful that I will never do it again. I'm sure you'll do great and not have any wardrobe malfunctions.

  11. Tea with honey and lemon, and also probably you shouldn't smoke anything. Which is always my biggest struggle.

    Also, I wish I could hop a plane out to Portland for this. I guess I'll just have to wait 'til I move there to see original sound trash.

  12. There's nothing weird about wearing your dress to practice - it's dress rehearsal! And a good heads up in terms of what, if any, wardrobe malfucntions to expect. None i hope. But maybe tape your dress to avoid any need to pull it up LOL

    And if I was in Portland (wait, Oregon or Maine?) I'd be at that show with bells on! And a fan poster haha

  13. I love this. And the couple of songs I listened to. I was actually going to write my next post on my belief that my calling is to be an indie rocker and your blog makes me feel even more certain of this! Kudos on having the balls to do it.


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