Saturday, July 31, 2010

one of THOSE posts...

It's 3AM.
The time of night where silly pop songs on the radio can make me cry.
I think I think too much, always.
I should go to bed, but why sleep when you can stay up and be existential?
Maybe The Universe will come have coffee with me again. Remember the time it did that?
I wonder what The Universe and I will talk about tonight (that is, considering it drops in for it's nightly caffeine fix).
Maybe we'll talk about love this time. We'll talk about how strange it is and how everyone in the world has different ideas and expectations of it. Then when we're done discussing that topic, we'll move on to discussing what the proper role of religion should be in our modern society. After that, we will continue our ongoing chat regarding the meaning of life and all of that lovely loveliness. Then I will ask the ultimate question: JACOB OR EDWARD? And then I can know once and for all if I am supposed to love pale emo vampire boys or sexy/dorky wolf boys that look like alpacas.

I believe that was irrelevant.

I'm going to bed. Goodnight amigos.


  1. I've been staying up too late as well. I decided to write a blog after work last night. I feel like late at night is when I do my best creative thinking. Maybe that's just what I tell myself...

  2. That's a good looking alpaca.

  3. God, he does look like an alpaca.

    If the Universe does pop round, can you please get him to sort my hangover out? Thanks. I'm assuming He can do that, He must be able to.

  4. I knew he looked like something. It's an alpaca!

    Come to think of it, I guess you've had pretty good luck with the universe. That's pretty good.


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