Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Brief Romantic Scene



Lauren and Steve sit close together on a bench.

Lauren: "Man, sometimes I just want to run away. Will you run away with me?"
Steve: "What? I can't do that..."
Lauren: "Pretend you can for 30 seconds. Let's run away. Where should we go?"
Steve: "England? We could go to Stonehenge."
Lauren: "Stonehenge? Those old rocks? Really?"
Steve: "Or we could go to this place I've always thought would be cool to visit..."
Lauren: "Where's that?"
Steve: "Well, there's this town near the site of Chernobyl that was completely evacuated right after the nuclear accident and now it's a ghost town!"
Lauren: "So if you could go anywhere with me, you'd pick a radioactive wasteland in Russia???"
Steve: "It's not technically radioactive. And it's in Siberia, to be specific."
Lauren: "You'd pick a wasteland in Siberia???"
There is a brief silence.
Steve: "I meant to say Fiji."



  1. That scene would be great in a quirky comedy. Maybe starring Ellen Page.

  2. Adria - Haha so true. I do appreciate the fact that he's honest.

    Allison - I think one day I'll just write a quirky comedy based on by life and send it to Ellen Page. Though apparently now she does psychological thrillers, so who knows if she would be interested in the part. Ooh, and Michael Cera could play my love interest! I don't mean to recreate the cast of "Juno," but he's the obvious choice! Hehe.

  3. I was gonna say Michael Cera - but thought it was too obvious. But they clearly had great on-screen chemistry - so I think so!

    If he turns down the part there's always Jay Baruchel.

  4. I would pick Jason Gordon-Levitt over Jay Baruchel. He's cuter and has more indie cred.

  5. *choose. Sorry for defiling your blog with bad spelling.

  6. I should probably jump to Stonehenge's defence, but I can't. I was disappointed. Granted I have only seen it once (after a three hour drive, at which point it was pitch black) but there wasn't much there. Although I did think I saw an insanely tall man in the shadows.

    I'd chose the radioactive ghost town any day.

  7. The real one is near a highway...and a sheep field.

  8. Better than the one in Washington, which is by a highway and a bunch of industrial windmills. I love a good sheep field.

  9. Hahaha. Nice save Steve, nice save.

  10. I live about two hours away from the Washington one when I'm not in school.


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