Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dirty Hipsters

Those indie kids never called me back.

With my luck, they probably read my blog.

In other news, the other day I got to witness some guy with tattoos and perfectly scruffed-up hair have a mini freak out at a deli because his sandwich wasn't vegan.

Oh Portland, how I love you. Hehe.

If you've never been to Portland, you can get a feel for it by watching this hilarious video:

Happy Saturday, amigos.


  1. Great Video! I'd be all for American Apparel if they didn't make so many expensive ugly things. Not everyone can pull off a mesh jumpsuit. I also hate the trend of the huge fake glasses.

    AND - the indie band sucks for not calling you. They sounded awkward - with the whole "we don't jam" thing.

  2. Hhahhahahh! I'm posting this up somewhere! this reminds me of my friends.


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