Friday, November 12, 2010

I Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Whew. Busy day in the blogosphere. I just updated my Musical Advice Column for the first time since last summer. I'm planning to update it regularly again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you may want to head over there and experience the madness. Basically, people write in with their various problems and I respond to them by singing and playing an instrument. Yeah, it really is as campy as it sounds. You just might love it.

I also just put up my Friday post for the Transatlantic Support Group. I think I've mentioned the TASG a couple of times already in this blog, but it gets a little bit cooler each week. Allison and Tom are fantastic people to collaborate with and I assure you that you will be entertained if you click on the TASG link.

Anyway, enough shameless self-promotion and onto other news.

I snagged this photo from Facebook today:

It's from the kitchen show last week and pretty much sums up the magic of trash rock. It was taken by The Chef, who was probably on his second or third bottle of wine at the time this picture was taken.

Sadly, the grand era of trash rock may be coming to an end. We're not breaking up, but we're slowly headed in opposite directions. Meaning that I want to do music for a living and he wants to be a full time computer programmer. I respect his decision, but it's still depressing.

So I'm working up the nerve to book a solo show somewhere. I've also been writing music like crazy. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, that's about all I have to report. I think I'm going to meet up with my old high school Spanish partner for a little heavy metal knitting party. Then later, I'm going to an electronica show with a few of my neighbors. I'm pretty stoked. I'm totally in the mood to dance.

I should figure out what I'm going to wear. It might be an evening that requires a costume change. I can't imagine that the outfit I wear to the dance club will be appropriate for knitting with the old Spanish partner...

Over and out, comrades! Happy Friday!


  1. We all hit our cougar phase eventually...

    I love the quirky things your housemates do - I'd love to know what a Global Nomad Steampunk hat looks like. And sewing little stuffed sell or just for fun?

    More awesome commune stories. Also, I loved you TASG post this week! I'm not worthy!

  2. Yay!

    Ps, posting this made me hit #9000 :)

  3. In the last year, err, few months I kinda hit on an 18 year old. So I wouldn't worry about twenty.

    I like your blog more and more! Maybe it's the commune drama? Your writing style just makes me read all of your somewhat-long posts. And gladly.

  4. I can see that Ryan is practicing turning invisible in that picture.

  5. I echo Allison's call for a picture of a Global Noman Steampunk hat.

    So your hidden appreciation of the ambiguous possible porn star has been rumbled. This makes for interesting reading in the COMMUNE SOAP OPERA THAT IS RAPIDLY TAKING OVER MY LIFE.

    And thanks for the kind words in the intro my American friend.

  6. Glad you guys are enjoying my stories from the commune. Whenever I post one I always have a moment where I think, "Oh no, is that too long and boring? Will anyone read it?" Haha.

    The hat I'm pictured wearing in the post I just put up was actually made by the Global Nomad Steampunk guy, but it's pretty normal and not as funky as some of them. Here's a pic of Ryan modeling one of them:
    And here's me modeling the pattern for one:
    (Ryan and I get to be hat models sometimes)

    And I think they're going to sell their little stuffed animals eventually. They have this whole cast of made up creatures that they are bringing to life in the form of stuffed animals. It's actually pretty cool.


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