Thursday, June 21, 2012

I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

I have this really fabulous friend works at a gym and teaches dance workout classes.  Sometimes, he sneaks me into the classes for free.  I haven't gone to one in awhile, but he just called and invited me to come and do Zumba tonight.  Naturally, I said "yes."  He always picks good music for his Zumba classes and I need to work out more anyway.  I'm naturally sort of a sedentary creature and exercise is good for me.  

The thing about Zumba is that by about the third song, I get really into the choreography.  My friend yells "Now give it some style!" and I shake my butt like the world depends on it. 

I feel like this:

In reality, I look more like this:

Last time I did Zumba, I definitely forgot my water bottle and was one thirsty, sweaty, out-of-shape girl when it was all over.  It didn't help that I was in the back next to a large black man who seemed completely unfazed by forty-five minutes of nonstop movement.  

Watch out for my body rolls.  High kicks.  High kicks.  This is how we do it.  

I am determined to be more physically active on a regular basis, though.  I feel better about myself in general when I do.  And it's part of my new program to get in shape for my next rock show.  

I've got a pair of leather shorts in a drawer upstairs that are a little bit too tight.  I know, I know, leather shorts are supposed to be tight, but they are also supposed to zip and snap somewhat comfortably.  I'm not really into obsessing over my weight, but I think that if I lost about three pounds, the shorts would fit better and everything would be groovy.  

Basically this means more dance aerobics and less French fries.  I love my junk food, but it's for a good cause.  

You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore, boys and girls.  


  1. Love the Beyonce gif :)

    I hate working out, but dancing is a really fun way to get exercise and cut loose. I suck at choreography, but I love grooving at home when I'm washing dishes or doing other chores. I wish I could go on tour with you!!

  2. I have a dress (that was $$$) from England last Spring that is a touch too tight. I want to be able to wear it comfortably. I've been running more, so I'm hoping by July it will fit better.

  3. I like zumba too! Sometimes I don't want to go work out, because I'd rather stay home and watch reruns. But I always feel better after I go to the gym. I think it's the endorphins.
    Everyone's still learning in classes like that one. I've been doing zumba for a couple years and I still mess up every now and then.

  4. LOL! I died when I saw your pics. Thanks for the laugh. This is why I stick to running and weight lifting. No dancing for me!

  5. I love dancing! But I rarely do it in public, other than salsa dancing, which hasn't happened for ages.

  6. No! Not less french fries!

    People take Zumba really seriously. It's a lot of work though!

  7. I love working out but I know I look like gif #2 above when I try to dance so I stay away from that particular type of exercise. My downfall is dessert...specifically ice cream. Man that stuff is good.

    Good luck with your dancing!

  8. What's wrong with the girl in green she's hot. I aspire to dance like that.

  9. Hahaha. My sister keeps trying to get me to join Zumba but I can't bring myself to do it.


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