Saturday, October 8, 2011

Attack Of The Bad Art

I'm angry.

Somebody took down my "Poop In A Bucket" signs.

I'm sure it was someone from The Management. They've been showing the place to a lot of new people lately and it probably looks bad for business.

Honestly, I'm surprised the signs lasted this long.

Ironically, a new show opened up in the gallery tonight that is really just two steps away from being "Poop In A Bucket."

This is a show about eggshells.

This is beauty.  

This is art.  

This is the product of someone who had to eat a lot of omelets.  

Eggshells.  This is about eggshells.  

I will end my commentary before it becomes too scathing...  

Instead, I will show you pictures of my other favorite art show... "When A Friend Is Sometimes A Stranger."

Now, I feel bad making fun of this one because it was created by someone I actually really like.  But there's no denying the fact that this exhibit is nothing but large Sharpied outlines of hipsters on butcher paper with a pretentious title slapped onto it.  I'm going to state the obvious and say that I made that kind of art in the first grade.

The question is - if these things can pass as legitimate art, why is The Management so quick to hate on "Poop In A Bucket"??? 

I guess the title isn't artsy enough.  I should have called it "When A Bucket Is Filled With Excrement."


  1. Are one of those hipsters having sex with an animal?

  2. Eggshell art?

    I think poop in a bucket trumps all of these.

  3. @ginny LOL!!!

    i like art b/c you can make almost anything and deem it art. of course some "art" is better than others but hey at least some ppl are trying

  4. Yeah, I'm confused about what's going on in one of those outlines/tracings.

  5. @Allison: Isn't it clear? Mr. Pacifier-elbow is starring in Attack of the Planet of the Toddlers.

  6. Yes, they would have definitely kept it up if you had a longer title... at least, that's the only thing I can come up with.


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