Monday, June 6, 2011

The Parade (An Awkward Cartoon Brought To You By Yours Truly!)

So I decided to turn a funny moment from my weekend into a badly drawn cartoon.  If you like this, let me know and I might start illustrating my life on a semi-regular basis. 

Note:  The images will get bigger when you click on them.  Hopefully the writing is at least somewhat legible.  I apologize if it isn't. 

And with that, I leave you with the following comic: 


  1. haha, love it! Comics rule :)

    I try not to stand next to abandoned mattresses because I'm freaked out by bed bugs. *shudders* They are abandoned mattresses on every corner in SF :/

  2. That's awesome. Draw more comics! =]

    And just a side note, I got your comment, and if you want to tip me off on some good places to eat [we love food, haha], that would be awesome. We also might stay an extra day, so other fun things would be nice too! Thanks, Lauren! =]

    [ps, it's Stephanie from The Odd Duck. Blogger STILL won't let me leave comments sometimes, so I have to post under Anon. Laaaame]

  3. Hahah oh this made my afternoon.

  4. Hahahah that is an amazing comic.

    I've had those kind of awkward moments with gay friends before. They're strange. The moments... not the friends.


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