Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for Rock and Roll Excellence

Hello friends.

My name is Lauren and I've been a slave to academia my entire life (well, I believe there was a brief, five year period of time before kindergarten when I was not involved in any sort of scholarly institution, but I was too young to appreciate it).

I live in America, where all functional members of society are expected to go to school until they obtain a degree that will land them their job of choice. This job will then pay for all the expenses of life but drain the life out of a person in the process.

I'm not ready for that. I don't know if I'll ever be.

The truth is, I've spent my whole life just wanting to make music. That is what really makes me happy. But I've also spent my whole life hearing people laugh when I say that all I really want to be in life is a rock star. People think it's a joke. People think it's impractical. People don't understand why I can't just be "normal" and go after a job that will make good money and suck out my soul in the process.

I'm done listening to those people.

I graduate from college in t minus one month. I'm going to take my degree, hang it on my wall in a safe spot (I may want to use it someday), and prepare for rock and roll excellence.

My band, Original Sound Trash (consisting of myself and my friend Ryan), is cooking up some sort of supersonic tour of trash rock this summer. We do not know where we are going yet, but we're targeted to leave a few days after June 19th. We will need the help of friends and fans along the way. So if you know of any great places we should play or couches we can crash on along the way, let me know!

I plan to document my side of all this madness through this blog. If all goes well, I will be updating it regularly, so subscribe away and stay tuned! :D

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